As I write this post my face is covered in a hydrating, cooling and super nourishing face mask from the Wishful skincare line called the Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask. When I purchased this I thought it would be your typical sheet mask which would have been just fine as I use those often and love them, but Huda has bigger things in store for me!

This mask feels like a jelly mask vs. a paper one. When I wear the sheet masks I usually have to lay down because most movement will make then slip and fall off your face. The texture of this one was not like that all. It adheres so perfectly to your face and kind of feels like it is suctioned on (in a comfortable way). I love that I can sit up and type and be active while I hydrate my face. It feels so amazing on also, it is tingly and cooling in the best possible way. The best part however is the after effects! My face felt smooth, subtle and so hydrated. It legit felt like new bouncy baby skin! Who doesn’t want that? For me, this product is totally a honey, Yassss!


Most of the time it’s a rarity for me to actually find the time to properly pamper myself. So, when the PJ sent us a must try mask by our fav beauty mogul, Huda Kattan, Dez and I quickly obliged!

I don’t often use sheet masks, so when I first took it out of the packaging I didn’t realize there was a film backing to remove. I will say, that even with accidentally applying the mask with the film on it, it actually still adhered to my face very well. After, applying the mask properly though, it stayed on even better. I was able to move and walk around without it slipping and sliding as most other sheet masks tend to do.

This mask immediately felt so amazing on my skin. It was very cooling and even the texture of this mask just felt nice. After 20 minutes of thoroughly enjoying some “me time”, I took off the mask to reveal the softest, smoothest and hydrated skin! It even reduced my red spots and made my skin tone appear even. This one is definitely going to be part of my self care Sunday rotation and a total Honey, Yasss!


With so many face masks on the market I know it’s incredibly difficult to find which ones are worth a freak out and which are just a fail. Well, I’m here to say I think we Honies found another favorite and I fully plan to keep it in my mask rotation. I’ve tried various brands and styles of face masks and while many of them can provide short-term benefits, I find that it’s rare to find a mask that provides long term benefits.

The Wishful Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask can be set apart from others almost immediately. Most sheet masks feel as if it’s some kind of thicker paper saturated with product for your face. The Wishful Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask feels like it’s made from a jelly-like texture. It smells incredibly refreshing and stayed so well adhered to my face, even when I was walking around with it. I think the material of the mask itself helps with keeping the mask on your face. After removing the mask after 20 minutes, my skin not only felt incredibly hydrated, but so soft and smooth. I was impressed by the immediate benefits but was thrilled to find my skin maintaining that softness, even a few hours later.

The Cocoon Mask is worth all $9 and without a doubt a Honey, Yasss! Be sure to throw one of these in your cart the next time you make a Sephora purchase.

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