When I bought my new iPhone 12 pro max I was beyond excited for all the awesome photos I could start taking with it’s amazing quality and 3 lenses. My second thought was “I need a case that is cute but also secure” and in true predictive analytics fashion a Velvet Caviar sponsored post showed up on my IG feed.

I loved all the designs especially the glitter nebula case which was giving me all the unicorn and fairy vibes. So, I bought that one as well as the evil eye case. I also purchased two of the phone ring holders to help with holding my giant brick of a phone, lol! I actually really do love both the cases and they have held up pretty well for something that gets a lot of daily use. The other important part is that despite all my 8000 times of dropping my phone over the last year, it has never cracked or been damaged in anyway.

So, overall, the cases are secure and offer a lot of cute design options to match your personal style and vibe. Price point wise at $30 a case I feel like it is also a decent deal for something you use everyday. I also bought their tempered glass screen protecter and highly recommend that as well. This brand is a total honey, Yasss for me!

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