It’s a best-selling cleanser. Countless influencers have used it in their Instagram stories. Courtney Shields, Amber Massey & Daryl-Ann Denner to name a few. It has the prettiest blue packaging and no Honies I’m not talking about Tiffany & Co. Have you guessed it yet?

Well, if your answer was the Tula The Cult Classic purifying face cleanser, then you guessed right! Let me start by saying this gel-based cleanser is one of my tried and true products and is without a doubt a Honey, Yasss for me! With each use I not only feel like all makeup and dirt are completely removed from my face, but I also find that my skin feels balanced. The probiotics are definitely doing their job in this product in that there’s no over-drying or extra redness, which is great. I need all the extra hydration I can get. I genuinely feel like after each use of this cleanser, my skin is not only thoroughly cleaned, but also prepped for the remaining steps of my skincare routine.

If you remember from past reviews, the scent of a product can make or break the product completely for me. The scent of this one is very apparent, but it’s somewhat difficult to put my finger on what exactly it smells like. I don’t get the floral smell that many customers speak of in their reviews. Our Honey Tayler told me she thought it smelled like baby power. After she said that, and I went back and used the product again I felt like I could somewhat smell that scent. However, as time has gone on, I don’t get that scent anymore. To me it just smells clean, but not in a citrusy way. Regardless, I think this is an incredible cleanser that constantly stays in my product rotation. I would highly recommend each of you Honies to try this product at least once.


The Tula Cult Classic Cleanser, what can I say besides the fact that it certainly earns its name. It is a cleanser everyone can love and it really good at what it is meant for. I have been using this cleanser for a long time now. I love how it cleans my face and I feel like it is really good at removing all my makeup completely which is why I have been obsessed with it. It doesn’t dry you out at all and just created a really nice canvas for you to apply skin care to. I definitely think this product deserves a Honey, YASSS!

However, in the interest of honesty I do need to say that I have stopped using it despite how much I love it. If you read and follow our blog on the regular then you know that I have endo and PCOS and as a result I have to make sure I stay away from certain ingredients in my products to avoid the creation of excess estrogen.

Sadly the Tula Cult Classic has fragrance and I have had to omit it from my routine. Should this be something you care about? That depends. If you are perfectly healthy and normal, probably not. However, if you have any hormonal, fertility or menstrual issues, you may want to avoid it despite how great it is.


Washing my face at the end of the day is not necessarily my favorite activity but it definitely is an important one! Whenever I somehow happen to accidentally skip washing my face at night, I see a huge difference in my skin the next day or two after. Not fun. So, having a cleanser that I love is very important in making sure that I never skip a night.

I have tried a few Tula products in the past including their, primer and cooling undereye balm, and really loved those so when I received the Cult Classic Cleanser in a gift set, I thought it would be a winner too. NOPE! I am not sure if I have ever hated a beauty product’s scent more in my entire life. This cleanser has such an overwhelming and powerful fragrance that I couldn’t use it more than a few times. In my opinion, the smell is a combination of rose, baby powder, “old lady” perfume and extra fragrant bar soap.

It’s hard for me to even write to the benefits of this cleanser since the scent was so powerful. I do recall that my skin felt somewhat stripped of it’s natural moisture and it didn’t do that great of a job removing eye makeup. I’m still unclear how this one is a “cult classic”, but it’s probably pretty clear by now that this one is a 100% Honey, NOOO for me! If you are “scent-sensitive” you will absolutely want to avoid this one!

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    […] Recently, I’ve become a lot more aware of the order which I apply the products in my routine to make sure they are best absorbed and in turn most effective. In this case, I used the oil after cleansing and applying my other serums but before I applied my eye cream and moisturizer. My first impression was that the oil was very light and felt good on application. However, I was not really a big fan of the scent. It was a bit too floral or maybe botanic for my taste but not the worst thing I’ve smelled (hint hint Tula cleanser). […]

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