Raise your hand if the cold, winter months have you missing your sun kissed glow from spring and summer? I can honestly say this is 100% true for me every SINGLE winter, which is why I turn to my trusted self tanners. If you remember from my previous review, I have already raved about my all-time favorite self tanner, Loving Tan 2 Hr Express Self-Tanning Mousse. However, I am very aware that there are other great products on the market, so I’m always interested in trying something new.

I had seen Laura Beverlin speak so highly of Tan-Luxe The Butter on her IG stories multiple times. She even shared a side by side picture of her legs, where one leg had The Butter and her other leg was bare. Her leg covered in the tanning butter had such a beautiful color in the photo, so when Laura shared that the large 16.9-ounce bottle was on sale for $39 at HSN I immediately swiped up. According to HSN, the regular retail value of a bottle this size was $90. I was incredibly excited to be getting such a good deal.

The first time I used this product I must have used way too much because my entire body felt like I was covered in a sticky mess. I did it right before bed, but I remember how uncomfortable I felt sleeping that night. In the morning, I was impressed with the overall natural like color and very little streaking that I woke up to. Contrary, to the horrific smell the product gave my body. Thankfully, this smelly problem was immediately resolved with a quick shower.

I thought I had clearly done something wrong to have the above experience, so I’ve given The Butter a few more go rounds since. Although, I’ve been able to resolve the stickiness issue, by simply using less product, I have not mastered how to completely get rid of the smaller streaking issue. Since this tanning butter essentially goes on clear, it’s somewhat difficult to determine if and where I’ve applied product. Oh, and even with using much less product I still wake up and immediately head to the shower to spare my husband from needing to share the unfavorable scent.

Although, I am a big fan of the color this product gives my skin, I’m less than impressed with the issues I’ve described above. If I had paid the original $90 for this product I would likely be even more disappointed with these results, but at $39 I’m thankful I got to at least test out another self-tanner. However, you will still see me grabbing for my Loving Tan Mousse. The Butter is sadly a Honey, No for me.


I first heard about Tan Lux from Laura Beverlin who raved about how the gradual developing results led to a nicer more even tan. That sounded like the Jergens gradual tanning lotion that I like. The lotion comes with a hefty $90 price tag but with Laura’s discount code it was only $34 so I jumped at buying it because it seemed like I was getting such a great deal!

I was so excited to try it and I followed the instructions to the letter! I shaved and exfoliated prior to application and I even used a tanning mitt to ensure even results. I put the tanner on before a long drive headed out of town. Halfway through that drive, I had all four windows of my car open because I smelled so bad! Straight up like burnt toast! The worst part was that even after a few showers the smell still lingered. I will admit the color was a pretty tan but it did streak near feet, hands, elbows, knees and underarms. It actually looked awful near my underarm area. I will never use this product again. It isn’t worth the $34 I spent on it let alone the actual $90 it costs. This one is totally a honey, NO!!!


Here in Arizona we are currently entering one of my favorite seasons- Spring! It is officially time to pull out the tank tops, shorts and minidresses which also means it’s officially time to ditch the pale skin. I tend to reach for my Isle of Paradise Tanning Water but my fellow Honies were dying to try out the Tan Luxe Butter Illuminating Tanning Butter so, of course, I obliged!

I am familiar with applying self-tanner lotions as I used to use the Jergens Natural Glow almost everyday in high school, but I hadn’t used one in a while so I was extra careful as I applied the product. The Butter felt very nice and smooth as I applied and it seemed to absorb well and did not feel sticky at all. However, after a few hours I began to notice a very unpleasant odor and unfortunately, it was coming from me!

Throughout the day the smell progressively got worse. Thankfully, I had no plans that day so I decided not shower off the nasty stank and give the tanner a chance to do its thing. I left it on for about 12 hours total but had to shower before bed because I just couldn’t get into my bed smelling like I did.

Despite that God awful smell that the Butter produced, it surprisingly also produced an amazing, natural looking tan. I am still blown away by the resulting color but am also equally concerned with the odor. Next time I will probably apply it immediately before bed and then shower immediately when I wake up to hopefully not expose myself and my family to that nasty smell. So, considering the gorgeous tan vs the terrible smell, I have to say this one is just meh.

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