Who absolutely loves cooking and spending as much time as possible in the kitchen? Not you? Same Honey! However, in my household cooking is inevitable. The husband needs to get fed somehow 🙂 Up until about 5 months ago, my pots and pans were not only my least favorite things to cook on, but also my least favorite to wash. It’s safe to say I was in desperate need of an upgrade.

Earlier in 2020 I had seen Courtney Shields talking about her T-fal frying pans on IG stories and how much she loved cooking on them. It wasn’t until later in 2020 when I had reached that point of being completely over my current pots and pans, that I felt like I was doing a double take hearing Courtney again rave about the same pans. The only difference is this time I instantly swiped up and added it to my Amazon cart. After exploring the T-fal Store on Amazon, I decided on the T-fal Hard Anodized Nonstick 14 Piece Pots and Pans set since basically each one of my pots and pans were in bad shape.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for cookware in my life, but there I was 2 days later patiently awaiting my Amazon delivery. Eager to use my set as soon as possible, I quickly washed everything so it was ready to go for that night’s dinner. On the menu was ground chicken tacos. In the past, when I cooked any kind of ground meat, if I didn’t make it a point to frequently turn and move the meat in the fry pan it would quickly start to stick to the pan. Halfway through cooking up the ground chicken I could already tell the major improvement of this pan set. The meat came out perfect and most importantly, evenly cooked.

Previously, I noticed that only the center of my old pans was the best place to cook. However, with the T-fal, the entire fry pan heats up and cooks food evenly. One of my favorite features is the Thermo spot indicator, which is the red ring in the center of the pan. When the red ring turns a solid red, it indicates that the pan is preheated and ready to be used.

I typically grab for fry pans more often in my cooking, but a few days later I was onto using the saucepans. Again, within minutes of use, I was able to see the true incredible quality of this entire set. The pan quickly heated up my sauce and didn’t cause it to stick around the edges. At that point I knew this $130 purchase was worth every penny and without a doubt a Honey, Yasss!

The best part is, that when it comes time for cleanup it seems that no matter how dirty the pans are, they’re incredibly easy to clean up. With very little effort you have fresh and cleaned pots and pans and if hand washing isn’t your thing, they are dishwasher safe. On the contrary, the only thing I dislike with this set is the fact that the 8 in. and 10 in. fry pans do not come with a lid. The 11 in. fry pan does, but not the two sizes I use the most. However, since this has been my only concern since purchasing this set I truly can’t even consider it an issue.

If you’re in the market for new pots and pans I highly suggest you research the T-fal brand. However, my only other recommendation is that if you’re considering the same exact 14 piece set that I purchased, I would suggest waiting for the price to go down. As mentioned earlier, I purchased this set at right around $130 and currently on Amazon this set is listed for $211. I always want you Honies to save some money and I have a good feeling this price point will eventually drop.

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