I’ve lived in sunny California for most of life. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where I resided until I left for college to the driest state filled with full-time sun: Arizona. Nearly 4 years ago I was blessed with an opportunity to move back to the sunshine state and currently reside less than 2 miles from the San Diego beach.

Through each of these transitions in my life, there’s one thing I really never got away from; that good ol’ sunshine. While I’m completely grateful that where I’ve lived has always given me the opportunity to soak up all the Vitamin D that I want, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that too much sun and the potential damage wasn’t a concern.

I have been fortunate to remain protected from any damage or sun issues, despite my younger years of being much more careless while under the rays. However, now at 32, I do not take being in the sun lightly, as my health and skin are my top priorities. Plus, if I’m being honest, I’m really trying to preserve any youthful skin I may have left. (Wow has my skin changed from my 20s to my 30s, but that’s a topic for a different day.)

Up until about 6 months ago my routine when going to the beach or really anytime I went out in the sun, consisted of using a spray sunblock on my body and yes, even on my face too. While I kind of always knew these aerosol sunblocks probably didn’t contain the best ingredients for my face, I figured some SPF was better than none. I didn’t feel that the sunblock on my face was protecting nearly as well as it should because typically if I was out in the sun for too long, I would still turn a little red and I would occasionally notice dark spots on my nose.

I had heard of and seen a few different facial sunscreens, but I wasn’t confident which one to try, so I stayed away. After the fourth time of hearing Jen Reed speak so highly of the Supergoop products, especially the Unseen Sunscreen, I was hopeful that this was the kind of “swipe-up” that would leave me feeling satisfied. In addition to the Unseen Sunscreen I also purchased the Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream. After a few days, I received my order and immediately started putting the products to use.

Let’s start with the Unseen Sunscreen; my initial observation was the clear color and truly how scentless the product was. The scent of a product can make or break it for me, not that I hate all scents, but I’m just somewhat particular about what I like. So, when I hear a product is fragrance free, I’m not always sold right away. I can assure you this product is truly scentless and applies to your face completely clear. Win for me!

My next concern was around the sunscreen not drying down well enough or remaining too greasy to even apply my makeup on top of. The sunscreen lives up to its claim of being a makeup primer, which almost feels like a pore filling primer that melts right into your face in a matter of just a few minutes. Although, I do feel confident to wear the Unseen Sunscreen as a primer, I can’t give up my all-time favorite primer (stay tuned in the coming weeks for that review), so now I just simply use my go-to primer on top of the sunscreen.

I’ve had no issues with doing my makeup over the sunscreen and to my surprise with use after use, my makeup has never worn off. Once the product is on, I forget it’s even a step in my makeup routine. This point made this product yet another win for me. If those two factors weren’t positive enough, the Unseen Sunscreen is a clean and reef-safe formula. Below is the response to “Are Supergoop! products reef safe?” question under the FAQs on the Supergoop website:

“We always want to create the safest, healthiest, cleanest SPF products without sacrificing efficacy (how well they actually work). In 2007, we were the first SPF brand not to use Oxybenzone, even though every chemist told us it would be impossible. Since then, our No List has grown to include over 100 ingredients, and it will now also include Octinoxate. We’ve already been working with our chemists on its removal from our existing formulas, because our mission has always been to do whatever it takes to stop the epidemic of skin cancer, regardless of legislation. The only products that currently include Octinoxate are Forever Young Body Butter, Healthy Glow Sunless Tan, and Shine On Lip Screen.”

I’m all about supporting a company that not only values its products and how well they work, but cares about the health, safety and well-being of its consumers and the environment. Winning all over for me!

Unfortunately, I’m not as much of a fan of the Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream, but not because it doesn’t work. I have found that in the few times I’ve tried it, I experience no issues with burn and have no concerns that my eye area is extra protected. However, I’m not a fan of how the formula lays on my skin. I’ve used it as a concealer or if I’m not wearing foundation, just as extra eye coverage, but I can’t seem to get it to smooth out without caking or creasing. I could be using it wrong, but I also believe that not all products are for everyone and this Mineral Eye Cream just doesn’t do it for me.

However, with how pleased I am with the Unseen Sunscreen, my experience with the Eye Cream will not stop me from trying a few of the other products I’m interested in. At the moment, I have my eyes on the Glowscreen, which can also be used a makeup primer; however, instead of a matte finish it claims to leave a glowy finish, while at the same time protecting your skin from the sun. I thought this might be a good substitute for days I don’t feel like wearing makeup. I’m also interested in the CC Cream, in which the description sounds like it works just like a normal CC Cream, providing some color correcting and skin coverage. Again, with the same sun protection we all need.

Honies, I’m thrilled to announce that the once hopefulness I had when first purchasing the Unseen Sunscreen has been replaced with pure satisfaction and Supergoop has gained a new fan. This obviously is a Honey, Yasss for me!

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