Since I hardly ever wear makeup anymore, my go to is a great skin care routine, a little CC cream and a hydrating lip balm to keep my lips nice and smooth. I wasn’t able to try the Kiehl’s Lip Balm because despite it having a fragrance free option it has other ingredients that I am allergic to. Lucky for me, I discovered the greatest lip product in an unlikely place. Pike Place Market in Washington state to be exact!

While visiting, I recently found a local honey vendor, Sunny Honey Company, who makes amazing products with their own bee’s wax. I bought one of their Handmade Bee’s Wax Lip Balms not thinking much of it. That is until I tried it and absolutely fell in love! I have since gone to their site and ordered more because it’s just that good. Even my 10 year old son loves this for his chapped lips. It has super clean and locally sourced ingredients all while being a small business product which I love to be able to support.

My lips have never been softer or more hydrated. The balm has a light shine to it to when you put in on which I love. This one is a big time Honey, YASSS! for me. If you make a purchase, do yourself a favor and try some of their amazing honey too, you won’t regret it!


Dry, cracked lips are a definite no-go for me so I go to lengths to avoid this. You can find some sort of balm, stick or gloss in almost every corner of house, car or purse. Of course, I have my favorites that I repurchase often but I’m always open to trying new products!

The other Honies and I decided to give the Kiehls Lip Balm #1 a try after purchasing a bunch of other products from their site. I had tried the lip balm years ago in the mint flavor and remember it was decent so I figured I’d like this one too. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case.

After my first application I noticed that the balm felt extremely light and immediately melted into my lips. Almost too quickly though. The balm didn’t leave a long lasting hydrating feeling or sheen that I am used to with my other fav lip products. Also, it kind of tasted strange when I would inevitably taste it only my lips. Not sure if that has anything to do with the fact that this one is fragrance free but the mint version I had tried in the past didn’t taste like this one.

All in all, this lip balm isn’t bad but I definitely won’t be repurchasing this version again. I will use this one as a back up whenever I can’t find or run out of my my preferred lip balms but ultimately it’s just meh for me.


Lip products are without a doubt one of my fav beauty products to purchase. From lipsticks to lip gloss to even a lip scrub, your girl loves them all. However, there’s just something about a really good lip balm- nothing can quite compare.

So, the Honies and I decided to try the Kiehls Lip Balm #1. It’s been around since 1960, so it must be a good one, right? Sadly, I was wrong!

The longevity of this lip product is very minimal compared to my current lippie favs. Not to mention, the texture reminds of a traditional Vaseline, which I’m not a huge fan of. I do like that the balm is offered in other flavors, but for this fragrance-free balm it’s a Honey, No for me.

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