Sweets and snack food may not be every Honey’s guilty pleasure, but it’s without a doubt one of mine. If I’m being honest, sweets are probably the hardest part of clean eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for me. I know we all have our own personal struggles, but this Honey has a bit of a sweet tooth!

With Starbursts and Red Vines not exactly being on my meal plan, I’m always on the hunt for healthier alternatives to satisfy my sweets craving. I first heard of the Sisters Company Apple Chips after Daryl-Ann Denner raved about how delicious these babies were. She talked about each of the flavors and that they come in a trio pack from Amazon for $16.99. The first two times I saw her share these apple chips on her IG story I instantly swiped up and tried to add it to my Amazon cart. Unfortunately, they were sold out so quickly, I couldn’t get my hands on them. The next time she shared the Amazon restock of this favored snack, I quickly added it to my cart and couldn’t wait for them to be delivered.

When they finally arrived, my husband and I were like kids at a candy store, wanting to try every flavor. We started with the raspberry, which happens to be both of our personal favs. It has the same texture and crunch like any other apple chip, but the hint of raspberry gives it more of a fruity flavor, which is amazing. The blackberry is very similar to the raspberry, but not quite a sweet, but still more fruity than the average apple chip. The cinnamon flavor tastes like your traditional apple chip. It’s pretty good, but it does taste like you’re just eating an apple chip, whereas this is not as obvious with the other two flavors.

Besides being absolutely delicious, my favorite thing about these apple chips is the ingredients. There’s Red Apples, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Flavor, Malic Acid and either raspberries or blackberries or cinnamon. That’s it! I love when there’s just a few ingredients in food, especially snack food.

Honey, Yasss! I would recommend Sisters Company Apple Chips to anyone. I just saw they’re back in stock on Amazon right now too, so I’m about to add another trio to my cart and I think you should as well! After all, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, right?

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