I was so excited to try the L’ange Borago Deep Conditioning Reparative Hair Mask because, let’s face it, no one loves a good hair mask as much as a curly haired girl with dry/color treated hair! I had ordered it along with the Honies for this week’s review and was just about to use it when… I began to go down my fragrance-free product journey to help in my healing from Endo and PCOS. When it came down to it as much as I wanted to try this one, I just wasn’t willing to use something with fragrance/parfum which, Borago sadly does have.

So I opted for Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque which is made with all natural ingredients and is curly girl method approved (You can read more about this at the link but the premise is avoiding all wax, alcohols, silicones and sulfates to achieve your best curl). I also use the shampoo and conditioner from this line as well as the leave-in conditioner and I absolutely love them!

This moisture recovery masque did not fail me either! After my first use, I felt like my split ends were even almost healed (I used this prior to a much-needed cut that I finally had last week). My hair was soft, shiny and visibly very well hydrated. I am still getting the hang of doing curly girl method and being all natural/fragrance free so I am playing with my hair routine a lot. So far, I feel like this one is a Honey, YASSS! But we all know I am not going to stop here, if there are other lines that fit my strict bill, I will still give them a try too and keep you posted!


Who doesn’t love a product that gives you smooth, bouncy, soft hair? That was the promise from the L’Ange Borago masque. As someone who has pretty fine hair, I am always looking for the next best hair care help with my overall hair health.

Deziree mentioned this brand as it was highly recommended to her AND there also happened to be a huge sale going on. Perfect time to try it out! The Honies and I made our purchase during a big sale the brand was having in November of last year. We all were interested in the Borage Oil Deep Conditioning Masque which is “designed to treat and repair dry, damaged, coarse, and hard to manage hair by nourishing each strand and leaving hair visibly healthier, stronger, and shinier.” All sounds great right?!

I used the masque for the first time on Thanksgiving which was kind of risky. Using the masque in the shower was simple enough and as I was washing it out, I even noticed how smooth my hair already felt. After towel drying my hair, I also noticed so much less dryness and frizz overall. I was definitely excited that this masque made my hair feel so hydrated and smooth with just one wash. Even after styling, I felt that it did make a difference. BUT I will say that for my hair type this masque may have been a bit heavy. My hair wasn’t as voluminous as other masques I’ve used in the past plus I noticed that my curls didn’t last quite as long as when I use my normal shampoo/ conditioner routine. (Maybe because the masque made my hair almost too soft?)

My real draw back with this one is that I did not notice how this mask is any different than any other deep conditioning masque I’ve ever tried. If the normal price were lower, I do believe that this could be an amazing deal. However, with it’s price point being around $40, I feel that it’s not any more special than any other hair masque. While I did like the product, I honestly find myself reaching for my other (Monat) hair masques that create more noticeable/ long lasting results for the same price point. I have to give this one just a meh simply because it did not “wow” me enough.


It’s no secret that I have a lot of hair- probably enough for maybe two and half adults. (Kidding… slightly.) The point is, my hair is beyond full. So, I’m constantly looking for products to help nourish, smooth and tame frizz. The endless supply of options on the market can make it somewhat overwhelming, but I’m always open to try something new.

I first saw the L’ange brand on an ad scrolling through Instagram earlier last year. I didn’t know much about the brand, so I held off on even browsing. At the end of last year, I was chatting with a girlfriend who raved about the brand and shared with me all the products she was using. At the time, they were offering a promotion for 60% off their entire site. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out a few products.

One of the products I was most excited to try was the L’ange Borago, which is essentially a deep conditioning masque. Its description reads, “A deep-conditioning hair mask designed to treat and repair dry, damaged, coarse, and hard to manage hair by nourishing each strand and leaving hair visibly healthier, stronger, and shinier.” A masque that’s going to nourish, every strand of my coarse and hard to manage hair? Sounds enticing, right?

The masque itself feels great when being applied to the hair. You can actually feel a smooth texture in your hair, probably because of the borage oil, but it’s not oily on your hair. Each time I use this masque I ensure that I follow the preferred steps of leaving the mask on for about 3 minutes and rinsing my hair in colder water. With each use and after drying my hair, I’ve noticed my hair does seem a little less coarse, but not silky soft either. This is somewhat to be expected, as I do recognize I have coarsier hair to begin with. However, I did notice on about the second day, my hair starts to feel a little more and more coarse, as if its going back to its more natural state. I have a feeling that with hair that is less coarse the borage oil and other ingredients would sustain in the hair, leading to lasting softness. However, in coarsier hair, like mine, which likely just absorbs these ingredients much quicker, is the cause of this change I see at about day two.

I also noticed that my hair wasn’t much shinier, if at all. However, I did appreciate the fact that even after immediately using the masque my hair didn’t feel heavy or loaded with product. Some hair masques can give you this effect even after thoroughly rinsing your hair.

In taking into consideration these points, this product is Just Meh for me. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to pay the original $40 price for this, but at $16 (with the 60%) off it seemed worth it to me. In order for me to give a better rating I need to know that I love the product so much that I’d be willing to pay full price for it and a promotion price is truly just a perk. Regardless, it was a decent product that I would consider using in the future at a promotional price, of course. If any of you Honies are interested in trying this product or any others from this brand, be sure to use Code: SAVEHALF, which will save you 50% off all hair care.

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