A good pair of sunnies is definitely a summertime staple for me, especially since I have extra sensitive eyes. You can typically find me with a pair of sunglasses on to avoid those annoying squint lines around my eyes. Normally I prefer to purchase less expensive brands since my glasses always seem to end up scratched, lost or broken by the end of the summer. I had purchased a pair of Quay sunglasses from Nordstrom years ago and considered them more of a splurge since I usually rock $20-30 shades. I totally loved them and remember they were great quality and lasted me longer than my typical cheapies.

Over the last year or so, I’ve seen Quay start to run a lot of great promotions and influencers start to promote the brand as well. With Summer quickly approaching, we felt like this was the perfect time to review this booming brand! I ordered during a buy one get one promo. I chose the Hardwire Tortoise Shell Blue Light Glasses and the After Hours Shiny Black/ Polarized shades.

I spend a lot of time in front of screens and sometimes my eyes feel tired and strained because of it. The only other blue light blocking glasses I have ever tried were from Amazon and while I felt like they helped a bit, they were not very stylish so I didn’t wear them consistently. I love my Quay blue light glasses! They work great, stay put on my face and look super cute! They are my go-to when I know I’ll be in front of the computer or phone for a few hours.

My After Hours glasses have become my favorite pair over the last few months as well! I don’t believe I have ever owned a polarized pair of sunnies before but I actually really like them. They totally take away any glare and block out so much light. No more squinting! They are comfortable and stylish too which is always a plus.

Overall, I highly recommend Quay! They have so many trendy options to choose from while also being reasonably priced (especially when you purchase during a promo). I am so happy with both of the glasses that I got! Definitely a Honey Yasss!


Summertime is quickly creeping up on us and unless I have a cute pair of sunnies, I just do not feel like my outfits are made. Over the past 2 years, I’ve heard so much buzz around the Quay Sunglasses from not only some of our favorite IG influencers, but also some A-List celebs as well. A few months ago, the Honies and I decided to finally give this brand a whirl and I was beyond excited.

I purchased the Quay Jezabell Twist Oversized Sunglasses, and they are a big Honey, Yasss for me. (The exact twisted rim pair that I got is currently sold out but a similar pair is linked). The style of the frame is incredibly complimenting, even for a smaller face. Not to mention, the “twist” affect gives it such a fashion forward feel. They’re beyond comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time, with no signs of discomfort. Lastly, the free branded case that comes with your purchase is equally as cute. All around this brand gives me luxury quality, with more wallet friendly pricing. This Honey is so Summer ready!


So, I have to admit that I am a bit of a sunglass’s snob. I never really spring for the cheap one. I have a huge collection of designer sunglasses. Chanel, Dior, Versace… you name it I have a pair. So, when the Honies and I decided to test out Quay I was not very excited. I used one of their promotions and got 2 pairs for the price of one.

I chose a pair of the Wired Blue Light Glasses that help with computer glare and eye strain from the blue light as well as a classic looking pair of black High Key Polarized Aviators. I like the aviators a lot. They come in handy for wearing at the beach or pool where sand and chlorine have the potential to ruin my pricier designer frames. They are light and feel comfortable but I am actually not a fan of the polarized lenses. The look is great and they are super reflective and you can’t see my eyes behind them which I love but I feel like they make things look odd and can give me a headache sometimes.

For the blue light glasses I chose a large tortoise shell frame. The pair I currently have are prescription and much smaller so I wanted the trendy large frame look. I am definitely not impressed with his pair. They slide down on my nose a lot and it’s impossible to keep the lenses clean. The glare on them is so bad that they are never cute in a photo. I also don’t feel like they compare to my prescription blue light lenses, I still feel eye strain when I wear them.

All in all the glasses are okay. I would call them throw away glasses. The ones you wear when you don’t care what happens to them. I would definitely never pay full price for them but they may be okay to grab during a sale like I did. This one is a Honey, meh for me!

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