Hey Honies! I’ve always been someone who loves having a signature home fragrance to match the season or even my mood. I have to admit, I’ve always been a big Bath and Body Works Wallflower fan. While they do have some seriously delicious scents, I’ve also become more and more aware that they may not have the cleanest or safest ingredients in those cute little plug-ins.

That’s where Pura steps in. Pura prides themselves on being free of harmful toxins or chemicals unlike many other brands. According to their website, “Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals. We avoid ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment.” Instead, they actually derive their scents from a process which combines several essential oils into one satisfying aroma which makes them safer for you, your family and even your pets.

The Pura Smart Device is also very convenient and easy to use- you simply download the app and it walks you through the setup and how to install the fragrance vials (which are recyclable once you remove the wick). The device connects to your smart phone via WiFi and comes with some awesome settings my Wallflowers never did. You can turn on “away mode” that tracks when you are out of the house at dinner or on vacation as to not waste your scents while you’re gone. Also, each fragrance can be set to follow a unique scheduled routine based on your wants and needs. Heck, it even has a customizable-color nightlight built right in!

Wow, look at me just rambling on about Pura but I haven’t even mentioned their main selling point- THE SCENTS! I have been a Capri Blue candle lover for years and when I discovered this magical home fragrance device that also had a the Volcano scent (my absolute favorite), I was instantly interested.

When I first got my Pura, I was so excited to get it all set up and have my house constantly smelling like Volcano. (Side note: I also chose the Dragon Berry scent since the “scent notes” description seemed like it would suit my fragrance preferences and I really love it as well.) After getting my device all situated and letting it do it’s thing for a while, I came into my living room expecting to be surrounded by the sweet yet fresh, citrusy goodness that is Capri Blue Volcano. Much to my dismay, I really didn’t smell much unless I was standing directly near it. I turned up the intensity via my Pura app and waited a bit. Still not much of the scent was being cast across the room. Over the next few days, I thought “Oh great, I just bought into another influencer product that is, of course, too good to be true”.

Desperate to make this thing work for me, I checked out the Pura website to see what I could do to fix the situation. After reading a few troubleshooting strategies, it hit me… I had decided plug-in my device in like the worst spot possible. I thought that putting it in a central location was important and the only free outlet in my living room is right behind a cabinet which, come to find out, the website does not recommend. Another possible reason that I was loosing the scent is that I have very high, volume ceilings in my main living/ dining area. While I had manually increased the intensity several times, I had forgotten to also re-adjust the intensity levels in my pre-scheduled routine that I had set for my fragrances. So they were still only emitting at less than half of full capacity (which is not enough to fill the dimensions of my living room/ dining area). I ended up moving my device out from behind the cabinet into different outlet in a more open area that also has slightly lower ceilings and finally adjusted the intensity levels higher in my scheduled routine.

After making these tweaks I am happy to report that my device is throwing off so much more fragrance than before! I also really like being able to switch back and forth between scents throughout the the week as well. I definitely recommend subscribing to Pura over buying scents a la cart. When you subscribe you get a 30% discount plus you can set up a shipping schedule based off your fragrance needs. Overall, I recommend trying out Pura if you are looking for more elevated and sophisticated fragrances, the ease of having refills sent to your home automatically (at a discounted rate) and finally the piece of mind that you are using a safer and cleaner home fragrance system that still makes your home smell AMAZING.

At first, I thought Pura was just meh BUT now that I’ve found my groove with it, it’s a Honey, Yasss for me!

Click here to visit the Pura website and see what it’s all about! P.S. Using that link will also give you $12 off at check out with your first order over $50!! OR if you are a returning customer, use code influenced1530 for 15% of $30 or more.

– xoxo Tay

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