As y’all know by now, us Honies are fans a good self tan. Who doesn’t love that smooth, freshly shaved feeling you have right before you apply your self tanner? Am I right? However, the key to the smoothest skin isn’t which razor you are using but actually lays in how you exfoliate!

There’s thousands of options on the market- sugar, salt, coffee scrubs, loofahs, exfoliating gloves and wash cloths, even full-on body scrubbers! So many options and so many of them tend to generally do the same thing: remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and leave your skin smooth.

My personal prefer is a decent loofah for the everyday shower, paired with a nice sugar scrub. (Salt tends to burn my skin and coffee, while I love the smell, is very messy). Over last summer, while on one of my favorite brands website, I happened upon a product that really intrigued me. I’m talking about my new favorite body scrub: Capri Blue Volcano Body Scrub!

This sugar scrub is infused with moisture-rich plant-based glycerin, coconut oil, and shea butter. And is also vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Not to mention is leaves my skin baby smooth and smelling SO good! If you’ve ever smelled a Volcano candle you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This scrub has been such a nice addition to my pre-self tan routine! I will definitely be repurchasing again and again! This one is a total Honey, Yasss!


Exfoliation and smooth skin are a must for me, especially during the summer months. But, it’s no secret that before I get a natural summer glow, self-tanner is my best friend. However, I find that self-tanner is the most effective and applies the easiest when it’s applied to freshly shaved and exfoliated skin. My go to method of exfoliation is applying a body scrub over my entire body, while ensuring I give the dry areas (elbows, feet & knees) some extra love. Ultimately, I feel that any body scrub with a decent grain size will do the exfoliation job just fine, but don’t we all have our favorites?

I first heard of the Hello Body brand roughly two years ago after seeing Katelyn Brown speak highly about their skincare and body products. I was reintroduced to the brand the end of last year as I had a friend recommend a few different products. One of those recommended products was the Coco Glow Body Scrub. I decided it was time I finally gave this brand a shot. I ordered a Create your set bundle, which by the way is a much better deal, if you’re considering a few products. I did a mix of skincare and body products, ensuring that CocoGlow Body Scrub was of course included.

I knew pretty instantly into my first shower with the Coco Glow Body Scrub that I was going to be hooked. The true coffee smell was completely invigorating, and I couldn’t wait to see the results. (Fun Fact: I am not a coffee drinker at all, but the smell of it is one of my favs!)

After my shower I was impressed with not only how soft my skin was, but how smooth it was as well. It created a perfect start to my self-tanner application. With most body scrubs I typically only preserve that smooth feeling for about a day, but with this body scrub I’m able to maintain it for at least two full days.

My only negative comment about this product, if we can even consider it that, is that it’s somewhat messy. It seems a bit messier in the shower compared to other body scrubs I’ve used. However, I have not figured out if this is simply due to most body scrubs being made from sugar, so they are more translucent in the shower, making it appear less messy. Or if the coffee bean ingredients and texture of the Coco Glow Body Scrub truly do make the product a bit messier in the shower. Regardless, the shower mess that is easily cleaned up with a spray down is completely worth it to me and this body scrub is a total Honey, Yasss!


So, if you follow our blog you probably saw my post from a few weeks ago talking about my Endo, PCOS and hormonal issues (if you didn’t, click here and take a look, it is worth a read!). As I mention in that blog I have been going through the long and tedious process of replacing all my products with natural and organic ones that do not use fragrances.

As a result, I had to stop using my absolute favorite coffee scrub that I used to exfoliate my whole body. This was the saddest product loss thus far but luckily Dez introduced me to a brand that would change all that.

Timeless Organics is a great clean line that she found on Insta and mentioned to me in a DM. I immediately placed an order because I loved how I knew exactly every ingredient in each product. As I browsed the things they sold on the site I was so ecstatic to find they actually have a Brown Sugar and Mocha Scrub that had coffee in it. I jumped on it and added it to my cart and man was that a good decision. I have used it a few times since it arrived and I love how it makes my skin feel. Not only does it take off dead skin and leave my skin feeling super smooth, it also almost moisturizes my skin too. It smells fabulous and it is totally clean! Their whole line is awesome but this one is for sure my new favorite body scrub. It’s going to a Honey, YASSS for me to the brand and this divine scrub.

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