Tennis shoes or sneakers? We may disagree on what to call them and have differing opinions on our favorite styles, but can we all agree that they’re such a necessity? Tennis shoes can complement the perfect set of gym clothes or can help dress down an outfit with jeans and let’s not forget how incredibly cute they can look paired with a summer dress.

So, I want to share with you my most frequently purchased tennis shoe as of about a year ago; the Nike Air Max 270. I first purchased these in the Black/White/Anthracite and quickly became obsessed with the shoe style itself and it’s incredible comfort. Nike has always been hit and miss with me, when it comes to comfortability, but 3 pairs later and I’m still equally impressed by them. Not to mention the sleek design is my absolute favorite.

They’re a little pricey at $150 but are pretty comparable to many other Nike’s on the market. If you ask my opinion, they’re a Honey, Yasss and I think you should “Just Do It.”


I realize my choice for favorite athletic shoes may be controversial but hear me out! I come from a background of power lifting. At my fittest, and most conditioned, I have unpacked and squatted 225lbs. Which at the time was almost 2x my weight. While those intense workouts are behind me and no longer serve me, I still love a good leg day with core lifts like squats and deadlifts.

As any truly heavy lifter knows the best shoe for these types of workouts are something with a very thin and flat sole (or frankly barefoot but I never wanted to be that person at the gym). My top choice on those type of leg days has always been the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. I love that they come in a wide fit as well so you they can work for all different foot types. The look to me is totally a classic and can easily be worn with a dress or jeans too. In the gym, they are by far the most stable shoe choice for leg day, especially if you opt for heavier weights.

These are for sure a classic and while I wouldn’t go run in them (but don’t even get me started on how much I hate running, lol), they are great for the all the lifters out there! In my book they will always be a honey, YASSS!


As a busy mom, my “uniform” usually consists of classic black leggings, some sort of flowy top and a good pair of tennis shoes. I find that this combination provides the perfect level of comfortability while also allowing me to chase after my wild toddler when needed. My go-to pair recently has got to be my Adidas Senseboost Go Training Shoes that my husband got for me last Mother’s Day.

Their website has these classified as training/running shoes that are “Designed for the ever-changing urban landscape… have a lightweight knit upper that follows the natural movement of your stride.” I can totally see how these were created for running in a city where you would be quickly ducking to avoid people or hopping over sidewalks and curbs. They are the lightest, most flexible shoes I own, while also being extremely supportive and adaptive.

Even though I don’t do much actual training or running in these shoes, I do wear them whenever I run errands or go on long walks. I love them because they feel like I’m walking on a cloud which is perfect for an everyday pair of kicks. Unfortunately, my exact pair are currently sold out on the Adidas website but I was able to find on a few other retailers just by doing a quick Google search of “adidas senseboost go women’s”. I would definitely invest in a pair ASAP or as soon as they come back in stock at Adidas! 100% a Honey, Yasss from me!

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