As I continue moving through my 30’s I am now, more than ever, focused on maintaining and restoring any sense of youthfulness I have left in my skin. Although I don’t suffer from extreme crow’s-feet, I would be lying if I didn’t say I definitely have some fine lines going on. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for products catered to helping diminish those fine lines.

A few months back I purchased the Olehenriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel and have been hooked ever since. The Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel is created to “help hydrate and soothe” while still working to “target fine lines and wrinkles.” The cucumber and algae help with restoring hydration, while the Bio-peptides work to reduce the fine lines. The directions advise you to use the eye gel before bedtime starting from underneath your eye and to be taken up to your brow bone. I would 100% recommend following these instructions as when the eye gel starts to dry it feels somewhat tacky. I personally would not like that feeling under makeup, so using this before bed works perfectly for me.

This is certainly a Honey, Yasss, but let me explain why. Although, I don’t feel like I received instant results with the use of this eye gel, I have found that with continued use my fine lines are more filled in and my undereye area feels much more toned. I don’t know if this is completely accurate, but it seems as if the undereye area is being tightened when that tacky feeling occurs. Sometimes, it feels as if that tackiness turns into a bit stiffer sensation. Whatever that feeling is tied to, I’m here for it because it’s helping! Beyond having my fine lines diminished, I find that my eye area feels incredibly hydrated. I suffer from dry skin overall, so finding a product that is particularly made for under eyes, but also adds extra hydration was a big win for me. Lastly, while using the Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel it feels as if any eye puffiness is completely combated with this product. I typically only suffer from puffy eyes when I am lacking some sleep; however, since I’ve been using this eye gel I can’t remember the last time I’ve struggled with puffiness. This is without a doubt one of my favorite skincare products that I’ve added to my nightly routine and if you suffer from any of the same issues I mentioned, I think this could be one of your favorites as well.


I first heard about the Olehenriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum from a Laura Beverlin story. I was already hooked on the under eye Banana Bright eye cream so it didn’t take much convincing for me to swipe up!

The promise of this particular magic elixir is brighter, bouncier skin in just 7 days. The first thing you notice about the serum it has an incredibly strong orange smell. I keep mine in my mini beauty fridge so it feels really refreshing and has a great cooling/tingling effects in the mornings. As for results, well, it is a big hit for me. Not only does it smell delicious and feels good, it is also a great skin tone evening product for me.

Recently I have been focusing on using more clean, fragrance and chemical free products (these are known endocrine disruptors but more on that coming soon). I was actually very surprised that as fragrant as this product is, it is actually fragrance/perfume free. This is a major win for me because I love the product and am so happy to be able to keep using it. It is for sure one of my morning skin care routine staples for firmer, more even skin. This one is hands down a Honey, yasss for me!


As you all know by now, we are serious fans of any products that promise anti-aging or youthfulness. We have tried many brands by now and we each have our own favorites. But there is one that we actually can all agree is pretty great- Ole Henriksen!

I ordered a bunch of products a few months back when their site was having a big sale. Some of my favorites were the Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel, Balance Babies Mattifying Oil Control Set and the Let’s Get Luminous Brightening Vitamin C Essentials Set which includes the C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème. Where do I start with this crème? This crème promises to deliver super-charged hydration while also brightening your complexion and even targets fine lines and wrinkles, renews youthful radiance and firms skin. Plus, it smells AMAZING!

I know lots of products promise similar results but this one truly does deliver. So, if the cold winter months have your complexion feeling dull and tired then this one is definitely worth checking out! It’s a honey, yasss for me over here!

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