I first discovered the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil in a kit I purchased during one of the brand’s sales. I already had an oil that I loved (The Wishful Skin Rose Oil) so I wasn’t that excited to try it. As is usually the case when I make a presumption, I was totally wrong!

My skin drank in this oil without getting too oily. It is so hydrating without creating excess oil. I feel like I wake up with plump, happy and hydrated skin every morning when I use it. It has definitely become one of my nightly staples. It also is fragrance free and a clean product which you all know is a must for me. This one is a total Honey, Yasss in my opinion. 


When a product makes this claim: “Visibly reduces fine lines, refines skin’s texture and boosts radiance in just one night” you can definitely sign me up! Who doesn’t love the promise of a good skin transformation overnight right?

Recently, I’ve become a lot more aware of the order which I apply the products in my routine to make sure they are best absorbed and in turn most effective. In this case, I used the oil after cleansing and applying my other serums but before I applied my eye cream and moisturizer. My first impression was that the oil was very light and felt good on application. However, I was not really a big fan of the scent. It was a bit too floral or maybe botanic for my taste but not the worst thing I’ve smelled (hint hint Tula cleanser).

Kiehl’s is definitely a tried and true brand for delivering moisture and I will say that this oil delivers on that promise. Unfortunately, I did not notice much else in terms of their other claims regarding reducing fine lines, improving skin’s texture or radiance. While I don’t necessarily dislike this product I also can’t give it a glowing review due to my limited results and the fact that a little one ounce bottle is $52. This one is just meh for me.


Who doesn’t love a little extra skin recovery boost while they sleep? I know I do and I’m hoping you Honies do as well. That’s why we decided to try the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil. “Midnight” and “Recovery” are in its name. It must be good, right?

In this case, that’s actually true and has become a Honey, Yasss for me. This moisturizing facial oil is intended to restore your skin while you sleep. It also claims to reduce fine lines, but I wouldn’t agree so much with that claim. I do find that my skin has a softer, more refreshed feel and appearance. Plus, the extra added moisture changes what used to look like my tired skin to a more restored look. The smell is so yummy with the hints of Lavender Essential Oil, but not too overpowering. Also, it seems that the oil is easily absorbed into my skin with no leftover sticky feeling.

It is a little pricey, but since you only need a few drops to cover your face I’d recommend trying the 0.5 fl. oz. bottle for $29. Or if there are other Kiehl’s products you’d like to try, there are a few gifts sets on their site that also contain the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil in them. If you’re needing some extra hydration, your skin needs a little restoring or maybe your just need a break from masks, I think you’ll be impressed with this recommendation.

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