Picture this: It’s a Sunday afternoon and you just finished loading your weekly groceries into your car from your second grocery store. (Can anyone do their entire grocery haul at just one store?) You change the song on your iPhone and quickly throw your phone in your cup holder to begin your drive home. 10 minutes later you’re home and parked in your garage. You can hear your dogs barking up a storm, as they do when anyone gets home. Rushed to get inside to calm them down, you quickly grab your purse and phone and step out of your car. As you’re fumbling with the door knob you hear SMACK! Your iPhone is face down on the concrete garage floor. Can’t relate? Then you’re so much more graceful than me.

I have had way too many experiences just like that. It always seemed like the second I got a new phone or screen protector it was inevitable that my phone would end up on the ground at some point. I had heard of the Loopy Case way too much over the last year and half from what seemed like nearly all the influencers I followed. Krista Horton, Courtney Shields and Hollie Woodward, to name a few. It wasn’t until I dropped my phone in our garage (of course), the week I bought it that I decided $39 is completely worth it to give the Loopy Case a shot. Not to mention, Loopy has a 30 days risk-free offer, where you can use the case for up to 30 days and if you’re not completely satisfied you can send it back for a full refund. A company who stands behind their products so much, they’re willing to give you risk-free offer? The first positive in my book.

A few other specs that helped sell me on this product were the fact that its shell is crack resistant, and its bumper is shock absorbent. In the event I did somehow drop my phone I had confidence the case would help ease the fall and the case itself wouldn’t break. Also, the ports are all completely accessible and the buttons, easy-press. Both very important. I’ve had those dreaded phone cases in the past where charging your phone or shutting it off are nearly impossible. Lastly, Loopy has a Lifetime Guarantee on their product. Their website states, “We’ve built your Loopy to outlive your next upgrade. If there is ever an issue with your case, we replace it. Period.” Again, all these factors not only made me confident in my purchase, but also have just an extremely positive outlook on this product. 

I preordered the Midnight Leopard design and decided to also add on the Hot Pink w/ Black loop, to give myself more options. I started using my Loopy the second I got it in and Honies I am so glad I made this purchase. Since I’ve been using the Loopy Case I can successfully say that not only has it made my life a little easier with the ability to carry my phone on one finger, but I have NOT dropped my phone, not even once! This case truly does “StoptheDrop” and is without a doubt a Honey, Yasss!

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