I’m cutting right to the chase on this one, this is the best makeup I have EVER used! As I have shared in previous posts I struggle with deep and dark under eye circles. I battle the problem on two fronts; with good skincare as well as good concealer/bake products to cover it up. I have tried so many different brands from Tarte Shape Tape to IT Cosmetics Bye, Bye Under Eye to KVD Beauty tattoo concealer. Banana powder, Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals, you name it, I have tried it!

That is why when I saw Kim Kardashian West’s video tutorial on her new Correct, Conceal, Bake, Brighten kit I knew this was something I had to try. I quickly rallied all the Honies into purchasing the kit and doing a review. Man was that the best decision ever! I do have to say we had issues ordering and the launch of the new line was a bit problematic with technical issues on their end.

But all is forgiven now, since I am obsessed with the end results of this kit. My under eyes and face contour have never been more on point. KKW Beauty really delivers. The baking powder finishes so smooth and doesn’t cake in fine lines. There is also zero flash back. Clearly this one is Honey, YASSS! You need to do yourself a favor and get a kit!


Make up can sometimes make or break your day. When you get it just right it can really give you a confidence boost. But when you use the wrong products you may find them creasing, caking or slipping off your face after just a couple hours. When we reviewed the Tarte Shape Tape, I high pretty high hopes that it would be the answer to my undereye fine line creasing issues. I was definitely wrong on that one!

Luckily our Honey, PJ, was already on the look out for a product to fix each of our undereye issues. She sent Deziree and I a video by Kim Kardashian West showing how to use her new KKW Correct, Conceal, Bake, Brighten kit. Obviously Kim looks great with or without makeup but after she used this set we were all like “dang we NEED that”!

As the Kardashians tend to do, we had to wait until the drop date for these products a couple weeks later. When that day finally came, we were so excited to get our orders in before it sold out. Unfortunately, we had some major confusion on how to actually order the kit. It had been marketed as a customizable set but when it came time to add to our cart, we were only able to select the correct and conceal but not the bake or brighten. After about an hour of struggling we finally decided to just put our orders in and hope for the best. (Turns out they select your bake and brighten based off what you select for correct and conceal.) I ended up with correct: 2 peach, conceal: 4.5 light with cool undertones, bake: 2 translucent, brighten: 2 pastel pink.

You guys- I. Am. Obsessed. These products literally amazing. At first the correct step seems weird and you might think you should just skip it but don’t! I don’t have a ton of darkness under my eyes but on the days that I do, this stuff is amazing. The concealer is my all time favorite as well! It goes on so smooth and stays that way with or without baking. But Honey, you probably won’t want to skip that step either. This baking powder is so silky and finely milled that it just melts right into the concealer and really sets it so well. The brighten is a step that like to do more on my full glam days to help bring out my contour a little more but don’t typically use it daily.

I have been a fan since my first use and I will be a repeat customer for sure! If you are in the market for new products definitely check these out, they are worth the $100. The kit even comes with 2 dual ended brushes that are also amazing. This kit is 100% a Honey, Yasss!!


When it comes to makeup it can be one of our best friends that helps mask our imperfections or one of our worst enemies that enhances those problem areas. One of my biggest concerns when purchasing and applying makeup is hiding my darker undereye color and fine lines. Therefore, I’m particularly picky when it comes to my concealer. Although, I was a fan of the Tarte Shape Tape, if you remember from that review I mentioned how Hourglass Vanish Airbrush was my go to concealer. However, for its coverage benefits Shape Tape was a good option, but not nearly as hydrating as I’d like. I truly thought the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush was the best of the best and I didn’t think my mind could be changed on that.

Funny, my mind was changed! The Honies and I decided to give the KKW Beauty Correct + Concealer Kit a whirl after watching a short tutorial Kim Kardashian gave on Instagram of her using this entire kit. Obviously, Kim looked incredibly stunning at the end of the video, but I still had some doubts because celebs tend to look on the more lavish side as it is. We decided to purchase the KKW Beauty Correct + Concealer Kit the day it dropped to avoid dealing with any sellouts or backorder issues.

The purchasing process was a quite confusing, as the kit is described as a “custom” Correct + Concealer Kit, which lead me to think that I would be able to pick all the shades for each product in the kit. The 4 products in the kits are: Correct, Conceal, Bake & Brighten. The kit also comes with two brushes: one for the baking step and one for the brighten step. However, after spending quite a bit of time on the site on launch day and researching under the KKW Beauty IG to see other buyer’s feedback I realized that the kit is designed so you actually only get to select the Correct and Conceal shades. (I selected 2-Peach for Correct and 4-Light with Cool Undertones for Conceal.) Based off those shades the kit provides you with the matching Bake and Brighten shades. (I was given Bake 1 Translucent and Brighten 1 Vanilla with Brightening Pearls). $100 lighter in my bank account and feeling a bit frustrated with the confusion of the ordering process, I honestly had pretty low expectations. I was thinking this was going to be one of those overpriced products that just sits under my sink.

Honies, I’m incredibly happy to confirm I was very wrong! Not only is the product packaging aesthetically appeasing with its pale pink color, each of the products has honestly impressed me. The Correct applies just the perfect amount of color to combat undereye darkness. I would recommend using a separate beauty sponge for this step, so that you are not mixing your Conceal color with the Correct color. This is my favorite beauty sponge from Amazon and it’s under 4 bucks. The Conceal is ultra creamy and gives the perfect amount of coverage, completely covering the pink color of the Correct. Bake is like most translucent powders I’ve used in the past, except for the fact that I no longer struggle with any backflash, which is so important to me. Using the sponge end of the Bake brush allows for such easy and precise application. Lastly, Brighten adds just the perfect amount of freshness. I even feel like it helps smooth out any areas you may need to perfect for your final look.

I always feel so glam using its brush and lightly sweeping across my face to add the finishing touches. I haven’t even gotten to the best part; the longevity of these products is incredible compared to most. The concealer cracking and fine lines peaking through halfway through the day are long gone. I have put these products to the 10-12-hour day tests and I’m always still impressed by their results. This is 100% a Honey, Yasss! Do yourself a favor and take the plunge on this kit. You won’t regret it! 

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