So while I desperately wanted to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation because I have heard such rave reviews about it, I had to find a clean alternative since this one had a 6 rating in the ThinkDirty app. I did some research and decided to go with the Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Flawless Serum Foundation which was feature on Goop.

I used the Ulta try on tool to match myself which actually worked pretty well. I got just the right shade and was very excited to try it. I will say it is much thinner than my usual IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better Foundation. The first time I tried it by itself after my moisturizer and I wasn’t a fan. It felt too runny and watery and didn’t have enough coverage. I decided to give it another shot but this time throw it over the STEM CELLULAR CC Cream also by Juice Beauty. The CC cream is a dream and goes on smoothly and really gives an even tone while moisturizing and protecting with SPF. I love it for a light makeup day so I figured that maybe as a base under the foundation it could work.

I was in fact correct! Over the CC cream the foundation went on buttery soft and gave better coverage as it teamed up with the tone evening powers of the CC. I actually really liked the look! That is until 6 hours later when I looked in the mirror and realized that despite the primer and setting spray, the look did not last the test of time. Is it my favorite foundation ever? No. Will it do as a super clean alternative? Yes. Will I still keep searching for the perfect clean foundation? Definitely yes! This makes the Juice Beauty Foundation a clear and unenthusiastic, Honey, meh!


I am a girl that loves wearing foundation. It gives me so much more confidence than when I have a bare face (this is something I’m trying to work on). Now, I do also know that it’s not for everyone and can sometimes to make you look way too over done or cakey if not applied properly. Since I’ve been wearing it forever, I feel like I have it down pretty well but I will say, the type of foundation makes a world of difference!

I have tried so many brands over the years from inexpensive drug store lines to some pricier ones from Sephora but I believe I have now found my new favorite! The Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation provides amazing coverage yet doesn’t go on thick or cakey like many other full coverage options I’ve tried in the past. This foundation is the perfect buildable coverage that actually stays all day as well. As an oily complected person this is perfect since many other foundations tend to just slide right off my face by the end of the day.

Another great things about this foundation, is that it comes in nearly 60 shades! You are almost guaranteed to find your perfect shade with this one! I used shade 2N1 in the Winter months when my skin is fairer and shade 2N2 in the Spring/Summer when I have a tan. This one is without a doubt a Honey, Yassss and will be my go-to foundation from here on out!


Whether it’s your everyday makeup or maybe just a special occasion look; I think we can all agree full coverage foundation is not every Honey’s preference. However, I think we can all agree, when and if it is necessary it’s a game changer to have a tried-and-true option. To me, this means a full coverage foundation that actually provides full coverage. A foundation that lasts for the entire day and in my opinion, the most important, a foundation that doesn’t get cakey.

Insert Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and you’ve got all your problems solved. Okay, well at least I think so. This foundation is without a doubt a Honey, Yesss! I first heard of this foundation almost 3 years ago when I was trying to find the best full coverage foundation option for my wedding. My Mom immediately recommended the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation to me, as it was her personal fav. I decided it was best to visit an Estee Lauder counter to get color matched and see if I liked how the foundation truly wore on my skin. After an extremely thorough color matching process the foundation was tested on me and I instantly loved it. The product covered all my imperfections completely, but also didn’t give me the effect of having too much makeup on. I was even a fan of how the foundation appeared in the natural sunlight.

Fast forward a month or so and to the record high temperatures in Temecula, CA. Yes, I’m referring to my Husband and I’s wedding day. Despite the overly emotional, nonstop and excessively hot day, my foundation was only applied one time and never retouched. I was so pleased with not only how each of my photos turned out, but also how flawless my skin remained, even at the end of the night. Not to mention my skin never felt dried out or dull.

Until this day, Estee Lauder remains my go to full coverage foundation option. If Estee Lauder Double Wear can survive a wedding day, I have confidence it can survive it all.

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