Although foundation may not be a part of every Honey’s daily makeup routine, I think we can all agree that when we do wear it, finding the perfect foundation is everything. In my opinion, foundation is the main part of your art piece, and eyes and lips are just the fun pops of color or abstract designs to your work. I’ve tried and tested more foundations than I can count and while I do have a few of my favorite trusted brands, I’m always interested in trying something new, especially when it comes with a good recommendation.

I first noticed the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare after seeing it marked as a “New” item on the Sephora website. However, I wasn’t attracted to this product until after I read the description where it explains this is a medium coverage foundation that is intended to help eliminate the look of pores and imperfections. It also describes that the foundation lasts all day WITH hydration. If you remember from my Tarte Shape Tape review, hydration in any makeup product is incredibly important to me. Lastly, the description of this foundation claims that your skin appears more even and smooth within two weeks of use with this product. In true Deziree fashion, I spent all this time researching the product, but failed to ultimately purchase. It wasn’t until I saw Emily Herren rave about this new foundation, and essentially do a full makeup tutorial on Instagram Stories, that I decided to buy it.

With each use I have found that I get great coverage, bearing in mind it is a medium coverage foundation. I even noticed that the darker spots on my nose are covered perfectly to my liking. My pores seem to disappear, but never feel clogged, even after cleansing my face from this foundation. Although the foundation dries pretty matte, I feel as if I still get a great sense of hydration, especially during the application process. These factors all made this product a Honey, Yesss.

*I cannot confirm if I would truly consider this a “skincare” product however, as it’s difficult for me to single out this one product for its skincare benefits. I used my cleanser, serums and moisturizer in conjunction with this foundation. Yet, I can confirm that each time I cleanse my face after using this product I never have any kind of breakout or redness. Even with some (not all) of my favorite foundations there have been times where I might get a single pimple or breakout, which could be caused by sweat, extended periods of wear, etc. Regardless, it’s been exciting to find a new foundation that I feel truly delivers on its promises. 


For the last 2 years I have been super granola with my face and skipped the heavy makeup stuff. I used to go wild and play with so many different looks all through my 20’s and early 30’s. Then at 33 I suddenly felt like I just wanted to be the girl under the 20 different layers of face paint. At that point, my daily routine became CC Cream, some mascara and gloss. I loved the time it saved me and I felt a sense of pride rocking my own skin for a change.

Then 2020 hit and the mundaneness set in. I was so bored that I picked back up the make up brushes and went to town once again creating looks which I rocked at home in my PJs or during a quick Target run. This meant lot’s of makeup shopping and most importantly finding a base for all those fun looks. This was right around the time the Honies decided to test out the new IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare. I jumped right on board thinking I would have to try a few different products before I found my favorite one anyways as this was my usual journey with foundations in the past.

However, I feel in deep, perfect match, amazingly smooth finish, long lasting, love at first sight! The formula is so smooth and buildable. The coverage is light and breathable, almost never cakey. The color match tool on the site was phenomenal and got my exact match even though I was ordering online (thanks to Covid!). It wears well all day, granted I do pair it with the Tula face filter blurring & moisturizing primer and the Urban Decay All Night Matte setting spray, which I highly recommend. It is 100% my own skin but better! It is by far one of the best foundations I have ever used and a total Honey, Yasss!


Finding the perfect foundation can be pretty daunting, frustrating, time consuming and expensive. Trust me- I have been there girl! Some are too cakey, others provide too little coverage and some just slide right off your face by 5:00. How annoying right? As an avid foundation wearer who has an oily complexion, my main concerns are a product that will last all day while also keeping me looking somewhat matte, cover my imperfections and dark spots, and not draw attention or settle in to my fine lines. In my experience, all of these expectations are seldom found within one single product.

This last year, due to Covid and being a new work-from-home mom, I found myself rarely needing the full coverage of an actual foundation most days since I left my house maybe once every week or two to grab groceries. I was loving the IT Cosmetics CC Cream for my every day looks since it really covers anything while also being insanely light and breathable. So, when the other Honies and I began seeing the new IT Cosmetics foundation being promoted all over social media and Sephora’s site a few months ago I was very intrigued.

Plus the product description on their site really sells it: “Suitable for all skin types and infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, plus vitamins E & B5, your skin-loving lightweight foundation goes beyond a tinted moisturizer by working behind the scenes as you wear it. After just two weeks, skin looks smoother, skin tone appears more even and skin texture is visibly refined. IT’s truly your foundation for better skin—even when you’re not wearing IT!”

How could you not want to give that a try! Plus they have 40 shades so you are destined to find one that works for you. If you recall from the Shape Tape review we did a few months back, I have been burned by the online shade matcher tool before but this time (like PJ mentioned above) I truly found my perfect match! Let me tell you, this foundation blends so well into my own skin. I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever had a better match color-wise. This foundation really sits well all day and is not cakey or overly “glowy” as a lot of other hydrating products tend to be. It goes on fairly matte/ natural looking and it is buildable in coverage. If you apply only one coat, you will find something similar to a subtle tinted moisturizer as opposed to an actual foundation. This is great on most days when I’m just taking care of the baby or working at home. On the days where I need more coverage, I mix one pump of the IT foundation with one pump the IT CC Full Coverage Cream and I LOVE the results!

While I have noticed that my pores are less noticeable while using this, when it comes to the other skin care claims, I can’t say if this is a big contributor or if it’s all in part to my many other skincare heroes that I use everyday. But I do love how versatile this product is and that you can decide the coverage you need that day and feel confident that it will last all day (with proper setting products of course). All in all this is a definite Honey, Yasss! If purchasing online, I highly suggest, you use the IT Cosmetics site to find your perfect match.

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