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When I first started seeing the GIMME Beauty hair bands being promoted, I wasn’t immediately drawn in. I thought, “how special can these things really be?” I finally caved in and placed an order after I saw one of my favorite influencers essentially head-banging in a GIMME hair tie with her messy bun remaining perfectly in tact. Other hair ties I have used in the past always have me readjusting or re-doing my hair throughout the day so the claim that these stay put was very enticing.

Let’s talk hair type- I have fine, medium length, naturally straight hair. I figured that the Fine Fit would work best for me but also wanted to try out a few different styles to see what I liked best. After testing them out for a week, I found the GIMME Beauty bands actually do work pretty well for me and my hair type! The Fine Fit work best for half-up styling while the Thick Fit are great for throwing my hair up to wash my face or sleep in. The Any Fit are all around great and seem to be the best for my daily wear, think: high pony’s and messy buns. I also love how the blonde colors blend in so well to my highlights.

I think that they definitely live up to their claim that they stay in place. When wearing these all day, I hardly ever had to readjust or tighten which was great. BUT I will say, that they almost do too good of a job staying put… A few times when I went to take out my messy bun, I found that the GIMME band clung to my hair causing some unfortunate rippage. After wearing all day or night I did have some denting to my hair but not nearly as bad compared to my usual hair ties.

Overall, the GIMME bands are great for me and my fine-medium length hair. If you are on the fence about ordering, go ahead and try out their GIMME Bands Fitting Kit. It comes with four different band sizes for evaluating the best fit for your hair type. I would say these are a Honey, YES for me and I will definitely be ordering the GIMME scrunchies to try out next!



I frequently find myself on the hunt for a good hair tie that keeps my hair in place because let’s face it – the amount of hair I have is FAR above the average. I’m talking double, some might even say triple. (Yes, it’s a love-hate relationship!) So after seeing most of our favorite influencers rant and rave about the GIMME hair bands for months, I decided to give them a shot.

In my many uses with the various band styles, I found that the Thick Fit works best in my hair. In my experience, I can honestly say these GIMME bands definitely deliver on their proclaimed “strongest hold” claim. I even put the Thick Fit band to the test with a smooth 2-mile run and again was impressed by how little my hair moved.

However, after multiple uses in less than a 2-month timeframe, I was highly dissatisfied with the amount of stretch these bands displayed. Considering the amount of hair I’m working with, I expect some stretching out when it comes to certain other brands. I was not expecting the Gimme bands to stretch to the degree which they did; particularly because their product overview highlights the fact that these bands will retain their elasticity for at least 6 months. With these factors taken into consideration, my overall rating of the Gimme Bands is “Meh.” 



Hi Honey! I wanted to share my experience with the GIMME Beauty hair ties with you. Let me start by telling you a bit about my hair! I have very long, thick, curly hair that I wear either in my natural curl pattern (semi-tight ringlets) or I press out straight with a slight beachy wave at the ends with a flat iron. I love a good high, tight, snatched pony as well as low buns, messy top knots and pig tail braids. At night, I like to put my hair up in a loose bun with a scrunchy. For most of those styles I typically use the fabric knotted hair ties which I have always felt don’t damage my hair, hold decently well but may need some adjustments throughout the day but, most importantly, do not give me a headache even with a super tight high pony.

Like many of you, I have seen tons of #ads and influencer stories featuring the GIMME Beauty ties so I figured I would try them out. After a few weeks of use (and a few dozen hair styles later) I am unfortunately not impressed. I will say, they do hold very well as promised. However, for me, within five minutes of putting a GIMME band in, I felt a terrible pressure headache coming on! As I mentioned, I love my high, snatched ponytails and I find with my good ol’ fabric knotted ties, I can achieve this with absolutely no pain or discomfort. With the GIMME bands, it is like torture for me.

Being a mom, and a very busy professional, my style definable leans towards comfort and practicality. For these reasons, the GIMME Beauty bands are a major Honey, NO for me! They will work for securing the bottom of braids but that is about it since any other style that I’ve tried, I encountered too much pain. I also noticed that the “G” symbol on the bands starts to peel off after just a few uses. If you are sensitive to pressure or tension headaches, save your dollars on this one and don’t buy the hype!

EDIT: After writing this review, GIMME Beauty came out with their own knotted fabric ties (linked here). I will be ordering these with hopes that they will work out better for me than the original hair bands did! Stay tuned…

Well Honey, we hope this helped shed a little light on the GIMME Beauty bands and if they might work for you too! Click here to get $10 off your first purchase!

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