For any girls with thick curly hair like mine, I am sure you know that we can’t wash those gorgeous curls daily. That is far too drying and ultimately strips your hair of the natural oils you need for it to be healthy. But I also work out hard every day and a daily shower is a must. To keep my hair dry during showers in between washed I have always used shower caps but to be honest I have never found one I love. They always slip and fall or somehow your hair still gets wet. Thankfully, my favorite influencer Laura Beverlin helped lead me to my solution- the Gimme shower cap.

I was really hopeful about this one and I actually bought the set that came with some in shower combs and scrunchies. The scrunchies are cheap, rubbery and pointless unfortunately but the rest is FABULOUS! I use both the combs in the shower to comb my conditioner through my hair and they actually grab on to the excess product so that I don’t waste any. Now the cap is on another level! It totally fits all my wild, thick hair and actually stays secure. I have had no issues with my hair getting wet while I use it either which has always been a struggle. For me this one is a big Honey, heck YES!

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