So, I am always the first to jump on a a great Amazon deal- especially if it’s a beauty item. When Dez told us that she was loving a rose quartz facial roller that she found via Insta and it was available on Amazon AND it was under $20 we were sold!

I have used an Amazon facial roller from another brand before and I liked it a lot up until it started squeaking each time I rolled it over my face. So, I was slightly apprehensive about this purchase but Dez assured me that hers had not made one squeak since she owned it over the last few months. I ordered the Finishing Touch Flawless Contour Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager, Rose Quartz and received it 2 days later (thanks Amazon Prime!) I was so excited to try it out as I had also just purchased a few new skin care items that I was anxious to try with the roller.

Since this roller also vibrates, it requires a AA battery came included. Unfortunately, there must be something defective with my roller and the battery housing because in order for the vibrating function to work, I have to hold up the little slider bar and press down the whole time. I honestly thought that’s how it was supposed to work but both Dez and PJ said theirs stays on after they turn the vibration on. I just requested a new replacement roller through Amazon so hopefully the next works better.

Regardless of that little malfunction, I am still in love with this thing! It honestly feels so good and helps me relax and unwind whenever I use it. Since I’ve only used for a few weeks, I am not sure of the long term benefits that facial rollers claim to help with such as helping to stimulate circulation, promote collagen production, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I definitely will continue to use daily just because I really do like the relaxing little massage it gives at the end of the day! It’s a Honey, Yasss from me!


Hey Honey! If you struggle with puffy eyes or need some extra help with dark circles, then I think this product is going to be your new best friend. Within the last few months, the Honies and I heard Jen Reed talking about the Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Roller that she purchased from Amazon. She gave her stamp of approval on this product, so we wanted to give it a whirl.

Facial rollers can help stimulate circulation, help with fine lines and wrinkles and reduce our dreaded eye issues; puffy eyes and dark circles. This vibrating facial roller not only has two separate head attachments, made of Rose Quartz, but also has vibrating technology. Yes! It does feel incredible on your face. The under-eye press attachment is so perfect for taking down the puffiness of your eyes or even to make yourself feel more awake on those slower days. The facial roller attachment is perfect for the other major parts of your face. It glides perfectly and can even assist with spreading your facial serums, which I love to do. I’d recommend putting your head attachments in the refrigerator for an even more spa-like effect.

Unfortunately, I cannot measure if this is the only contributing factor that has helped with my fine lines and wrinkles, as I use this in conjunction with the Olehenriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel. However, my current routine of using the facial roller at least once a week in conjunction with that eye gel has been working perfectly for me, so this is a Honey, Yesss! Not to mention, I can confirm it does help with my tired and puffy eyes, especially when refrigerated. Even if that were its only benefit, at under $20, I don’t think you will regret getting your hands on one.


 When Dez first mentioned the Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Roller I was not too excited to try it because my previous experience with rollers was underwhelming. But the difference with this one is that has a gentle vibration to it. The price was also very reasonable on Amazon which was great.

After a few weeks of use I do have to admit that I actually love it and it has become a big part of my skincare routine. I feel like it really helps your skin fully absorb your skin care products. In the morning it helps a lot with any inflammation you might have and gives you a really great glow as it helps your skin with circulation. I keep mine in a beauty refrigerator so it is even more refreshing to have the cold roller on my skin after I nourish it with products.

I can not speak to the long term benefits I have heard about yet (like increased elasticity) because I have only used it consistently for about a month so far. It is still a major Honey, Yasss for me though because it just feels so darn good!

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