Spring is upon us and Summer is not far behind. So, I want to quickly share with you Honies, my very casual, yet very necessary, shoe closet staple. Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m sharing flip flops.

However, the Havaianas Slim Crystal Flip Flops are not just your average cheapy flip flop. The Havaianas Slim Crystal Flip Flops are not only incredibly comfortable, but the longevity of each pair is remarkable. Honestly, I can only thank my dog for being the reason I tossed out my first two pairs. I also find that as you put more wear and tear on the flip flops themselves, they get even more comfortable and still don’t look trashed, like many other flip flops. I find this especially to be true with the black color, as with some of the lighter colors it’s inevitable that they will look dirtier. I love the slim shape of the flip flop and the added Swarovski touch on the strap, gives me the tiniest fancy vibe, always making me feel a little more put together.

I own these flip flops in a variety of colors, but I can honestly say that black is my every day go to. If you need to elevate your flip flop game just a tad, I highly recommend you give the Havaianas Slim Crystal Flip Flops a chance. At only $36, this everyday basic will also have you saying Honey, Yasss!


With summer getting closer and closer every day, it’s definitely time to whip out your favorite sandals. In true granola Mom fashion (literally), I go straight for my Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor. In the last few years, Birkenstock sandals have become super popular. I have been rocking the style way before it was considered super trendy, in 2008 to be exact. My first pair lasted me over 10 years, so it is safe to say one thing I love about them is the durability and quality. You can wear them every day and they will last years and years!

The second-best thing about Birkenstock sandals is the comfortability. I have never been more comfortable in any other shoes. They first coined the term “footbed” in the 1930 to describe the sandals anatomically shaped inner soles with special support elements. The beauty of the sole is that it perfectly molds to your foot shape creating the exact right support for you. The style is classic and simple so, for me, it is very versatile. It can be cute with ripped jeans and a T, a dress or even joggers and a hoodie. I could not live without them and for me they are a total honey, YASSS!


As Summer approaches, we are getting closer and closer to sandal season. That’s right- it’s time to get that pedicure and strap on your favorite pair! Last season I feel like every influencer was showing off their Steve Madden Travel sandals. I will admit, I really wanted a pair but was apprehensive about the ankle strap as I read some reviews saying they ran tight.

So, when I was that they came out with an almost identical slip on version, I was sold! I grabbed the Skyler sandals in Tan in my normal size of 9.5. When they arrived I immediately threw them on and noticed that they seemed slightly snug but not enough to need a size up. This issue was corrected with a bit of breaking in. I actually think that if they had not been a little snug at first, they would have stretched out a little too much and ended up falling off my feet when I walked.

At $79 they are not necessarily inexpensive but I do believe they will last for several more years. These have become my go-to Spring shoes and I will definitely be rocking them into Summer as well! The Skyler sandals are 100% a Honey, Yasss!

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