I have always loved accessorizing and playing around with different types of jewelry trends. However, I hate spending tons on trendy fast-fashion pieces. Thankfully, I follow so many influencers who turned me on to The Styled Collection.

One trend that I had been wanting to jump on was creating a gorgeous stack of multiple bracelets. After seeing a influencers like Hollie Woodward post about her David Yurman dupe bracelets from The Styled Collection, I swiped up. They were having a big sale so I placed a rather large order which included: the Brinkley cuff, Lexi bracelet, Ansley bangle, “Mama” Pisa Tile bracelet, Seychelles Beaded bracelet, Santorini Beaded bracelet and the Kylie Beaded necklace. Shipping took a bit longer than I expected but I feel like that was due to them having that big sale.

When I finally received my goodies, everything looked gorgeous! I was very happy with the David Yurman dupes in particular. Over time I have worn all the pieces multiple times but am careful not to wear them in the shower or pool. Unfortunately, even with being mindful and not getting any of the jewelry wet, a few of the pieces did not age well. The “Mama” Pisa Tile bracelet and the Santorini Beaded bracelet both became very tarnished. I wrote to them about this issue and after sending photos to prove that the gold on the beads had completely rubbed off, they sent new pieces. I was happy with the replacements right up until they also became completely tarnished after just a few weeks of very light wear. Luckily, the color of the beads underneath the gold doesn’t necessarily bother me so I’ve just decided to keep them.

Even though some of the pieces didn’t last very long, I can’t be too upset since I got those for less than $10. The other jewelry that I purchased has been great and I wear the David Yurman dupe bracelets all the time and always get so many complements on them. My word of advice, is to definitely only buy during a sale and plan for shipping to take a while. Also, don’t expect these pieces to last forever. They are meant to be fast-fashion costume jewelry not future family heirlooms. If you go in with those expectations then this brand is definitely a Honey, Yasss!


It seems that styles and fashion are constantly changing season after season and year to year. One of my favorite aspects of these changes are the accessories that come with each style and trend. I feel that accessories can completely make or even break an outfit. I certainly don’t need any more accessories; however, it seems that I’m always finding something to add to my collection. Sorry Hubs!

I first heard of Victoria Emerson about a year ago after Jen Reed essentially did a quick tutorial on Instagram stories to show her followers how she puts on and wears her Classic Wraps. I was instantly attracted to the look of the wrap and immediately started shopping. I find that the Classic Wraps are so versatile and can be dressed up or down, which is a big plus in my book. Naturally, I kept finding other products that caught my attention, so I tried one of the Boho Cuffs, which I also absolutely love. I get the effect that I’m wearing multiple bracelets, but the one magnet feature of the Boho Cuff makes the putting on and taking off effort a complete breeze.

Towards the end of 2020, I saw Daryl-Ann Denner showing off a few of her Victoria Emerson favs; one of which was the Mini Boho. That was the first time I had heard of that style and of course, I added a bit more to my collection. The Mini Boho has also quickly become one of my favorites as well; however, my only pain point with this particular style is the one clasp feature makes it slightly more challenging to put on alone. Although, it’s not quite as easy as the Classic Wrap and original Boho Cuff, the Mini Boho remains one of my go-to accessories these days.

The Victoria Emerson bracelets have such great quality and up to this point I haven’t had any issues with signs of wear and tear or breaking. Although, some of the bracelets (especially the Boho Cuffs) can be up to the $50 range, I find that there is usually always some kind of sale or promo code that can be used, making the cost of these accessories even more affordable. Every Honey wants a quality product at an even better price. Am I right? It’s safe to say it’s a Honey, Yasss from me!


I discovered Electric Picks Jewelry through one of my favorite influencers, Laura Beverlin. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we lost all our belongings in a fire last June and so I have had to replace my entire wardrobe including my jewelry. I used to buy the super cheap stuff that turned your neck green and came from Forever21 or H&M. The kind of cheap pieces that broke easily and you wore dozen or so times and then got over.

As I began replacing my jewelry, I decided that wanted to pick more timeless pieces that lasted longer and were of better quality but I was also not about to break the bank and buy solid gold either. Electric Picks was the perfect answer for me. Their pieces range in price between $50- $200, are gold plated and guaranteed for life. They have classic styles that you can stack and wear in different combos for years! I personally paired a more classy pearl and gold necklace (the Sydney – not currently in stock) and the 18” Harden. I love the pairing of a softer piece with a harder chain look.

I used code laura20 for 20% off which, as of writing this, is still available if you are interested in trying any of their gorgeous pieces. You can’t go wrong! Classic looks, amazing quality and easily layered pieces that stand the test of time. Making this line a big time Honey, Yasss in my book!

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