Keeping my home clean has always been a priority of mine. Lately though, keeping our dark wood floors spotless has been a hard task. With our 2 dogs, a toddler and a husband I constantly find them littered with stuff. So when my in-laws asked what we could use for a Christmas gift, I did not hesitate. A NEW CORDLESS VACUUM PLEASE!

While we do have a decent Bissel vacuum that we use regularly, I had recently been interested in cordless vacuums since they seemed easy and convenient to use. Not having to unplug the cord then find an outlet and then whined up the cord again seemed very appealing. Plus, our malti-poo, Teddie, literally hates it when the big vacuum comes out and incessantly barks at it the entire time.

I had seen many cordless stick vacuums on the market and noticed that there was such a wide range in pricing for them so I didn’t know where to start. Since it was going to be a gift from my in-laws, I didn’t want to ask for a $600 vacuum that I wasn’t even sure I’d like. Luckily, I saw Dede Raad (@dressupbuttercup) talk about her favorite stick vacuum, the Eufy by Anker Cordless Stick-Vacuum, on her story and she even mentioned it was on sale! Perfect! I followed her link to the Amazon landing page and went into research mode. After reading lots of reviews and comparing it’s features to other comparable products, I decided this was the one and sent the link to my in-laws.

Since it was ordered via Amazon Prime, it arrived very quickly. I was very impressed by the packaging, it was simple but looked chic at the same time. At first, when I saw all the parts in the box I thought the set up would take a while. Thankfully it really didn’t. What looked like a ton of pieces to put together was actually just all the attachments that came with the vacuum. I was able to mount it to the wall in our garage very easily and then attached all the accessories to their housings on the wall mount and plugged it in to charge before the first use.

The Eufy Cordless Stick-Vacuum is so user friendly and has three power modes. The longevity of it’s battery life does depend on which mode you are cleaning in though, so the more deep of a clean the less running time you have. I have not found this to be an issue though. I typically use the lower setting for my hard surfaces and then the deep cleaning mode on my area rugs and carpet. The Eufy does a really great job at picking up crumbs, dust and debris so much better than my old tedious method of sweeping ever did. Plus, I find that since receiving it, I am much more willing to clean so my home overall feels so much more tidy! So for those reasons and the great price tag, this is a no brainer and a total Honey, Yasss!

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