“Firms, Smoothes, Hydrates” and provides sun protection too! Can a moisturizer honestly sound any better? That was my exact thought when I first read the description of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which I had heard Laura Beverlin rave about on her Insta stories on multiple occasions. However, after seeing the hefty $45 price tag for only the tiny 15ml size of the cream, I was a little more resistant to add this one to my cart. That was until I saw a special promotion, similar to the promotion on the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. However, this particular promo was offering the 15ml Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for only $10 plus free shipping. (This promo is no longer valid). It was a cost we couldn’t beat, so of course the Honies and I gave it a go.

Do you think the quality of the product lived up to its larger price tag? Let me give you my take on it. My first thought when I used the cream was the pleasant smell. There’s a somewhat fresh scent, but not too strong in my opinion. The Pro-Collagen Marine Cream laid on the skin nicely and left it feeling hydrated. I also noticed that my skin felt slightly softer when the product was freshly applied, which was also a nice surprise. In contrast, within a couple of hours of wear I feel as if that hydration aspect and the softness of my skin was no longer present. It was almost as if the product was completely absorbed into my skin, reminding me of many other facial creams. I also noticed with continued use of this product my fine lines and wrinkles were not reduced much, if at all. I was expecting more results, given the product’s description and case study details.

I had high hopes for this product, but I unfortunately discovered this was Just Meh for me. At such a high price tag and inconsistent results, I believe there are other products on the market that are just as good and maybe even better, many of which are at lower price points.


The Honies are reviewing the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream but unfortunately, I can’t give this one a shot because it has fragrance in it (which is made up of hundreds of chemical compounds that are hormone distributors, you can learn more about this in my endo and PCOS blog post from a few weeks ago). I really was in search of a new clean and fragrance-free moisturizer because my old one had fragrance too. My skin was in a very dry, desperate state and winter was taking its toll.

Kiehl’s certainly came to the rescue! I discovered their Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream. It has a 5 rating, which is pretty good, in the Think Dirty app which helps me decide what products are clean and work with my hormonal issues. This product promises 24 hours of hydration, even skin tone and texture as well as helping with fine lines.

I can definitely tell you that this one has been a game changer! My skin feels so soft, supple and smooth immediately after using it. It really makes my skin feel super even, hydrated and plump. It has become my favorite high moisture staple in my skin care routine. If you are looking for a clean moisturizer that delivers, this one is a big time Honey, YES! for me. 


Though I tend to have oily skin, I do tend to have small patches that get very dry especially around my temples, nostrils and corners of my mouth. For this, I need to find just the right moisturizer that will tackle the small amount of dryness I have but not cause me to get more oily. Sometimes this can really be a challenge!

When we decided to try out the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream I was excited because a few of my favorite influencers had raved about this brand and I had never tried them out before. Also, I got super excited after I read that there were many clinical studies that proved this cream to: increase hydration by up to 253% in one hour, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, provide a great base for makeup and was the “best anti-aging cream” the test subjects had ever used. Plus, Dez found it on sale!? I was sold!

When I received the product, I was instantly underwhelmed by the size but thought that it must be the “sale version” of the product. Wrong! Come to find out the 15ml size we purchased for $10 on a promotion (which for reference is the size of a sample product you’d get from Sephora) was being sold on Elemis’ site for…. 45 freaking dollars…. WHAT!? I knew this brand was expensive but dang, this cream must literally transform your face I guess, right? Ehh, not so much.

I used the cream every morning for about 3-4 weeks and noticed no dramatic results. Sure, it made me face feel more hydrated but no more than any other mid-high end moisturizer I’ve recently used. None of my fine lines or wrinkles were reduced nor would i say this is the best anti-aging cream I’ve ever used. I think that the real results must lay in using for a much more extended period of time. Unfortunately, this product had a very strong floral scent that was definitely not for me and made me actually dread putting on each morning so I don’t think I’ll be doing that.

After trying this product, I do not see myself ever purchasing the larger version of this cream. It’s not a bad cream by any means and it did hydrate my skin but the scent, lack of over-hyped results and the HEFTY price tag all are leading me to give this one a just meh. I’m sure this is someone’s favorite skincare product but unfortunately this one’s not for me.

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