I have owned a Dyson vacuum for years and have always been a huge fan! I will admit that their products are pricey and when I got my first Dyson vacuum I honestly thought I had made it in life! I knew the brand also had great blow dryers and I had seen rave reviews for their hair care products through mom-fluencers like Jenny Reimold and celeb stylist Jen Atkin. I never jumped on that bandwagon however because, frankly, I never blow my hair out. I have super curly hair that I always let air dry then flat iron straight or into soft waves. Then, in 2020, I started hearing about the Dyson Corrale hair straightener. It came with a hefty $400 price tag and I was very skeptical that a flat iron could be worth that price.

Still my curiosity led me to research the technology which I learned promised to be more gentle and cause less damage to hair. The promise is this: flexible plates of the Corrale offer more control, delivering the sleek styles you want with less heat and half the damage. Influencers also raved about the time savings but I honestly never thought that would apply to me as I have long, thick, curly and wild hair that has always take minimum an hour to hour and a half to straighten. I never imagined it would be possible for me to get the style I want in 20 minutes. Despite feeling like the time saving aspects would be lost on me, I was still very intrigued by the promise of smooth, manageable style with less damage. So, when the time came to replace my flat iron (and everything else I owned, thank you 2020 house fire!), I decided to make the larger investment and try out the Corrale.

When I tell you that this product has changed my life I am not exaggerating or being dramatic in the least! It has given me time back in my day which is the most valuable commodity in the world. My styling time has in fact gone down to 20 minutes, which prior to owning the Corrale, was unimaginable to me. It also saves time in the sense that after I style my hair I barely have to go back for touch ups even after sleeping with the style. This is also something I have never experienced before. Normally with other flat irons I would wake up with my second day hair a mess; frizzy, dull and kinked again needing to be tames. With the Corrale my style last days with minimal touch up or re-styling needed.

My hair has also never looked or felt better! The claims that the Corrale causes less damage is 100% true. It feels so gentle yet it smooths, eliminates frizz and creates shine like nothing I have ever experienced. Dyson delivers on every promise it makes and more with the Corrale! It really has earned its place on the Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2020 list and is worth all the hype. The Corrale is a major Honey, Yasss and worth every penny!

**Pro Tip: If you want to try it out but want to save a little off the higher price I suggest purchasing it from Sephora during one of their sales which offer anywhere from 10-20% off depending on your loyalty status with them.

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