While I do tend to have very oily skin most of the year, the few winter months we do get here in AZ can be pretty rough on my skin. Just like they say “Oh, it’s a dry heat”, we also have seriously dry winter weather! I am always looking for relief for the dry patches on my face so when we decided to try the Dr Brant Hyaluronic Facial Cream I was looking forward to some good moisture.

While I was mainly looking for added moisture, I was also semi-excited to see if this would help with my fine lines as the description said it would. Unfortunately, I ran out of the product before I could notice any significant results. The cream lasted me about a month with consistent usage (applied it both in my AM and PM skincare routine). While I didn’t notice any impact on fine lines, I definitely noticed a lot of added moisture which was great for my dry spots. It also never felt heavy or greasy which I really liked since I also can very oily to begin with.

So for my rating, I am somewhat stuck between it being Just meh and a Honey No. I say this simply due to the fact that this product was pretty expensive ($72) and only lasted me about 1 month. It did deliver a good amount of hydration and worked well under makeup but that’s about it when I think about it. At the end of the day, considering everything, I’m still going to give this one a Just meh. (If you find it on sale definitely give it a shot BUT otherwise I would hold off).


Ready for that summer sun to dry out your face? Me neither! Only for me, sun or not, it seems I always tend to struggle with a bit more dryness. This constantly leaves me looking for moisturizers, creams and serums to help rehydrate my face as much as possible.

When I first read the Dr. Brandt Hyaluronic Facial Cream promise I thought I had found a perfect match. “This 72-Hour Moisture Cream offers the volume of fillers minus the side effects, targeting the look of sagging skin. It instantly hydrates and plumps while encouraging skin to maximize the production of its own Hyaluronic Acid.” Forget the idea that my skin could potentially look like I had fillers, I was excited for 72-hours of moisture!

Sadly, after only a few uses my excitement quickly subsided. After each use my skin most definitely felt hydrated and fresh, without a greasy feeling, which is always a positive. But 72-hours of moisture? Try more like maybe 24. I thought with a product making such an extreme claim of the endurance of moisture it provided it would last for more than a day. In thinking about it, I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference between this facial cream and other moisturizers I’ve used in the past. I was expecting a somewhat noticeable difference in moisture longevity, but unfortunately that was not the case.

My initial thought was to give this product a Just Meh, but after remembering the hefty price point of $72, it’s a Honey, No. This is no miracle cream and there are definitely other moisturizers and creams on the market that provide you with the same amount of hydration at much less cost.


I think I need to start this one off by stating that I have never had a good relationship or results from hyaluronic acid-based products. I really wanted this one to work though! Kind of like returning to that bad ex you can’t shake. I love other products from Dr. Brandt and was excited that this was a fragrance free/relatively clean product. So, I quit my favorite Kiehl’s Calendula moisturizer (which was saving my dry winter skin) and started on my month-long journey with the Dr. Brandt Hyaluronic Facial Cream.

I hated it from day one, but I continued on the 30-day ride to see if anything would change. I hated it because it didn’t feel like it moisturized my face. Not when I put it on and definitely not when I woke up in the am after wearing it as part of my nighttime routine. The struggles got worse and worse as my normally oily-normal skin started peeling from being so dry. The rest of my routine did not change one ounce, so the culprit had to be the new Dr. Brandt moisturizer.

Sure, enough as soon as the month passed and I switched back to my Kiehl’s Calendula Water cream, the dryness and peeling was gone within 24 hours! It is the strangest thing, but hyaluronic Acid and I are not friends and this moisturizer is a big, stinkin’ Honey, NO! for me.

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