Do you struggle with pores, fine lines, and oily skin? If so, this review may be for you. The Honies and I decided to test out the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer. A primer that’s designed to instantly make your skin appear flawless and completely silky; it must be a good one, right? Or was it?

Unfortunately, with my drier skin type, this was Just Meh for me. After using the Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer a few times it was evident that my fine lines were in fact much less defined than without the primer. Also, my skin did appear silkier; however, shortly after using the product I felt somewhat dried out. In reading through the description of this product I’ve figured out it is targeted to reduce the shine and oils from your skin. Given that I’m the exact opposite of that, and I struggle with maintaining moisture on my skin; I felt as if using this primer was simply not a good fit for my personal skin type.

Nevertheless, the product felt luxurious and high quality, so it’s disappointing it didn’t work for me personally. With that being said, I do think this could be a great product for someone who does struggle with oily or shiny skin. If you can relate to that description, then I’d recommend giving this a shot.


I love Dr. Brandt products. They are generally pretty decent in ratings on the ThinkDirty app and never have fragrance which makes them perfect for me. I will say I was not that excited to try the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer just because pores are not that big an issue for me in general. I am also deeply attached to my Tula primer (you can go back and read that review from a few months back) but I when I got a free sample with one of my purchases I figured it would be worth at least a shot.

As far as primers go I would describe this one as okay. Not great, but not bad. It definitely helps create a smooth and ultra matte finish. I can’t verify pore claims because as I mentioned my pores are usually not that noticeable. The thing I was not a fan of was how long my makeup lasted with it. It held for a while but I for sure see better results with my Tula primer. All in all I have to rate this one a Honey, Meh!


With warmer weather quickly approaching, I will take all the help to make sure my make up looks flawless as long as possible. As an oily complected person, I can also specifically use help reducing shine and the appearance of my pores. Thankfully, I have found a solution to help with these issues.

Dr Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer is one of my go to products for reducing the appearance of pores and imperfections, mattifying the skin, and creating a smooth canvas for under makeup. I use this primer after my typical skincare routine but before any foundation. It really smooths out my skin and creates a nice starting point for makeup application. I put a small amount on my fingers tips and then apply in circular motions then firmly press the product into my skin. This seems to create the best results for me.

I will mention that even though this product is called a “primer” I don’t think it is great at actually keeping makeup in place like other primers. This one is mainly intended to reduce appearance of pores, fine lines and smooth skin. I like to mix the Pores No More with my Tula Face Filter Blurring Primer to get the best of both worlds on the days I really want to lock in my look. While I do feel that the name is semi-misleading this one is still a Honey, Yasss for me!

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