For the last two- three months my Instagram ads had been nonstop pushing a certain brand self-tanner. At first I didn’t pay much mind to them but then I watched one of the videos all the way through and was blown away by the results. I was so intrigued by how gorgeous the tan looked on the Coco and Eve models that I pitched us trying their Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam to the other Honies. Even though we all either had our fav self tanner already or simply deemed them not for us, somehow the girls were still on board!

I had originally seen that Coco and Eve was sold at Ulta so I was excited to simply add it in my cart with my other items but unfortunately for me, it was completely sold out in all shades! Luckily, their site still had stock so I hurried and purchased the dark shade of the Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam. I was so excited to try it when it finally arrived, that I decided I would shower and apply it that same night.

After following my usual pre-self tanner routine (shower, shave, exfoliate, moisturize) I was ready to apply the foam with my trusty mitt. (I also always start with my legs and work my way up.) My first impression was “wow this stuff smells amazing!!!” It was a very tropical scent which I love and didn’t find it overwhelming at all. The foam itself also seemed to go on pretty easily and evenly and I could visibly see whereI applied it as it instantly added a bronzed glow to my skin.

Since I did my application at night, I had to wait until morning to see my results. When I awoke I was pretty excited to see how my tan looked. I quickly jumped out of bed but before I got to a mirror I did notice that there was unfortunately some transfer of the product onto my sheets which isn’t a total deal breaker but still not great. Then as I was walking to the bathroom to see my results, I noticed that the lovely coconut scent had vanished and was left with a mild “self tanner smell”. Again, not a total deal breaker but still not great. Then when I finally got in front of my bathroom mirror both of those negative thoughts went out the window. I looked like a tanned beach babe who just got back from a two week vacay in Bali. The tan was even and deep and not orange or “fake tan” looking at all. I will definitely be using again! It’s a Honey, Yasss for sure!


I live in San Diego and we’ve still had some cloudy days, which means I’m not always able to maintain that tan. When I’m looking a bit pale, I always turn to my favorite, the Loving Tan 2 HR Express Self-Tanning Mousse. I’ve written a review about this, if you’d like to read why I love it here.

But in summary, I’ve stuck to the Loving Tan brand because it’s faithfully provided me the most even, streak-free and long-lasting tan, without the overpowering tanner smell. That’s not to say that I’m completely closed off from trying other brands. After all, I do like options and having another favorite would be ideal.

The Honies and I had seen ads for the Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, so we finally decided to give it a try. Beyond the bright, summer colored packaging being incredibly adorable, this has become another one of my favorites. Honey, Yasss!

There are 3 color options available: Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. I opted for the Dark and found it was perfect for me. As I started to apply the bronzing foam I was instantly attracted to the coconut/tropical smell. It wasn’t too overpowering, but so different from other tanners. After waiting 2 hours for the tan to develop, I noticed the smell did change to a tanner-like smell, but much milder compared to other brands I’ve tried in the past. Although, I was a bit nervous of the Dark color selection, I loved how the color turned out, even as it darkened up a bit more overnight. (I waited until morning to shower again.) The tanner typically lasts me about 5-6 days, before I need to reapply, which in my opinion is pretty good.

Overall, this is another great option for me to rotate with my Loving Tan. I also recommend purchasing the Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Bundle, which includes: the Bali Bronzing Foam (6.7 oz), Kabuki Brush (great for applying the tanner to my face and hands) & Hypoallergenic Soft Velvet Mitt. This is a $73 value for less than $50. However, if you’re not needing the Kabuki Brush and Tanning Mitt then you can simply grab the Bali Bronzing Foam for under $35. If the potent self-tanner smell is not your thing, I think this bronzing foam would be a great candidate for you.


When the girls wanted to review yet another self-tanner I was internally rolling my eyes. If you have read any of our other tanning product posts, you know that me and sunless tanner do not get along. It almost always ends up streaky, comes off patchy, smells and just feels unnatural to me. But for you guys…. I was willing to give it another shot! I did deviate from the girls and bought a natural self-tanner I found on Goop so that it meets my ingredient requirements in line with my Endo/PCOS doctor’s recommendations. The brand was VITA LIBERATA and it offered a clean tan and the promise to last with the pHenomenal 2–3 Week Tan Mousse.

This time I took all the advice I could from my self-tanner experts, aka the other Honies. I ordered a mitt on amazon, exfoliated and shaved right before tanning and wiped areas like under arms, hands, feet, knees and elbows with a damp cloth after I was done. The mousse went on kind of green and made me feel very nervous. It smelled very mild and natural. I put it on with the mitt in large circular motions and I even put it on my face, under arms, hands and feet. Then I waited the 4 excruciating hours to see what the results would be and how much I would start to stink.

To my surprise no scent arose as the tan developed and I didn’t feel sticky like I had with other products. As for the eventual tan? Let me just say, WOW! The tan was flawless. Not a streak or weird spot in sight after rinsing off. The bottle said to do the process 2-3 times (rinsing with water in between) and that would make tan last 2-3 weeks.  Since I really liked the first coat, I went for the additional coats recommended to prolong results and I can defiantly say the tan I applied at Easter is still visible now! I would highly recommend this product and it is a total Honey, Yasss! Worth every penny of the $39 it cost!

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