You can hardly open up Insta without coming across an influencer post or sponsored ad for Billie. I have to say, they look super enticing; much cheaper than the Venus refills that I am used to, promises of smoother legs and having to shave less with slower hair growth. I was definitely excited to try this one!

I have to say from the start I loved the presentation of the product. From the boxing to the actual color and design of the razor, I felt the creators had nailed the feel and vibe. Now, when it comes to the shave I have to admit, it is no better, or worse than my normal Venus razors. As for the claim that it leads to slower hair growth and less need for shaving, I beg to differ. I am Persian and have no shortage of hair that is for sure. Even after a full round of laser treatments on my legs, I still have to shave once or twice a week (down from daily before laser therapy). Billie didn’t really make any kind of difference in that regard.

Still with that being said, I love the price point and the auto-ship that makes replacing the razor heads effortless. I also do feel that the design of the razor offers a closer shave even in those awkward spots like knees and ankles. For me, with all of the other lofty claims aside, Billie is still a major Honey, Yasss!


Let’s talk about shaving, Honey. For me and I’m sure for many, shaving has always been kind of a bittersweet. I’m always reluctant to do it, but once I do, it’s literally one of the most satisfying feelings. I’m Mexican and if you can remember from the Gimme blog post, I have a ton of hair. However, my leg hair is significantly less than my head, but I would still classify my leg hair as above average.

A quality razor is an absolute must when tackling the unfavorable task of shaving. I was always a satisfied customer when purchasing the Venus Extra Smooth 5-blade razor. This razor continually accomplished my shaving needs without razor nicks or burn. As a result, I truly wasn’t in the market for a new razor, but like many of you, I frequently heard nothing but great things about the Billie razor all over Instagram.

A little over a year ago I placed my first Billie razor order. In my first order, I purchased the Billie Starter Kit in the DreamPop color and the Shave Cream. The Starter Kit comes with 5 blades, the ergonomic handle and the magic holder to store your razor in the shower. I was a fan of the cute, yet creative packaging of the product, as it comes in a larger seal top bag.

Naturally, I was going to compare my shave with Billie to my past shaves with my beloved Venus. I used the Billie Shave Cream with the razor and my results were identical to a shave when using the Venus. I still wasn’t convinced if it was the razor or the razor and Shave Cream combination that gave me the Venus-like results. On my next few shaves, I used the Billie Razor with the Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Shaving Cream, which I love! After one, maybe two more uses I was quickly able to confirm that it was the Billie razor that provided the same result.

I was pretty stoked to have been influenced on a razor that offered the same results as Venus. However, I wouldn’t say that the Billie is necessarily a better razor than the Venus, but with the convenience of getting it shipped to my home and its affordable cost this is a Honey, Yasss for me! As far as the Shave Cream goes, I’m not a huge fan. It’s a decent product that aids with shaving, but I don’t think it’s worth the $8 price point, as I still reach for my TJ Shave Cream these days. Save your money on the Billie Shave Cream, which I have to give a Honey, No. I hope this helps you smooth out all your shaving needs.


Raise your hand if you absolutely love shaving! Crickets I’m assuming? Like many of you, I’ve always seen it more as a burden rather than something I actually look forward to. But, as someone who enjoys a good at home self-tan, a nice close shave is definitely a must. (Check out Dez’s latest post to see why!)

Like my other Honies, I was curious about Billie after seeing it on almost every influencers’ feed. When I received my own, I have to say, I was very impressed by the packaging. It was fun and bright yet sophisticated but most surprisingly- actually made me want to shave! After quickly, installing the awesome magnetic base on my shower wall I was ready to get to it.

I typically use a generic version of a “Venus” 5-blade razor from Target (just whichever is on sale) and slap on a sensitive skin shaving gel as I am prone to razor burn. It’s nothing fancy but I usually get great results with minimal razor burn. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see what amazing results I would get with “unbelievable” Billie razor. The ergonomically designed handle made shaving my legs feel effortless and easy which I loved. While I did get a nice close shave, I also unfortunately got razor burn too 🙁 I have used my Billie multiple times since that first day and I still get little spots of razor burn on my lower legs near my ankles.

While I do love the convenience of having new blades shipped directly to my home, (I always forget to purchase new ones while at the store), I am undecided if I will continue my subscription. I may try and switch up my shave cream to see if that has any impact since, I have to admit, it’s pretty hard to beat the price of Billie. At the end of the day, while I really, really want to love it, for me, Billie is just, meh.

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