You can’t go 5 minutes on Instagram without running into an influencer using Artis makeup brushes on their stories or hitting one of their ads as you scroll the feed. They are certainly a popular trend but I wanted to know if they were worth the hype (because, DUH! That is what we do here!).

I consider myself a brush expert. I refuse to use anything cheap or rough on my face and have always bought the highest quality and best brushes because it can really make or break your makeup situation. I loved the promise of a super smooth application with Artis bursted because after all that is the holy grail goal of the end result of makeup. Because I had lost all my belongings in a house fire, I needed to purchase all new brushes anyway so opted for the Elite 5 Brush Set in Black.

Now, I have to admit at $185 retail price for the set I had high expectations but luckily I was not disappointed. I am going to list out the different brushes in the set below along with what they are meant to be used for and what I use them for and my general thoughts on each. I realize everyone may not need or want all the brushes so I figured this may help in figuring out which are right for you!

Oval 7 – Meant to be used for Foundation, Blush, Contour – I personally use this to apply my liquid foundation and I can honestly say no brush, beauty blender or any other application tool has ever worked so well for me. It helps build coverage but goes on so smooth and even. The bristles are super soft and dense and the handle is comfortable to use. I just add a few pumps of foundation onto my skin and then use the brush in an upward stroke motion till I get the coverage I like.

Oval 6 – Meant to be used for Foundation, Blush, Bronzer – I use this one for my bronzer/ contour and all the things I said about Oval 7 apply here too. The finish is smooth and blends very well.

Oval 4 – Meant for Eye makeup, Concealer – I use this one to apply my color correct from the KKW concealer kit. Again it gives a nice light and even coverage and it gentle enough to be used around the under eye where I apply my concealer.

Linear 1 – Meant for Eye liner, Brows – I use this one for my nose contour (for the thin, darker contour line on each side of the nose) and it is a game changer. The straight line really helps with the perfect subtle nose contour. I have not tried it for liner or brows but I imagine it would work well as it is very precise.

Circle 1R – Meant for Lip color, Eye shadow, Spot Concealer – I also use this one for for my nose contour but to add in the lighter powder over the center and at the tip. Very exact and precise which is why I like it.I was definitely nervous to invest nearly $200 into these brushes but I have to say they are very much worth it. Remember to get good brush cleaning sprays or washed and to regularly clean then to ensure longevity. The Artis brand as a whole and all these brushes are a Honey, YASSS! for me!

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