What’s your favorite warmer weather attire; shorts and tee or summer dresses? I’m the kind of girl who likes a mix of both but a good pair of denim shorts is a closet staple for me. So, when the other Honies suggested we review a pair of American Eagle’s shorts, I was pumped for this review!

I purchased the AE High-Waisted Denim Tomgirl Midi Short at $49.95 in the Simply Dark color. Although, I loved the color and quality of denim, my excitement came to a halt as soon as I tried them on. I usually range between a size 10/12, depending on the brand. I opted for a size 12, with the thought process that this would potentially give me a little extra length and wiggle room.

Honey I was wrong! But not how I expected. The size 12 fit more like a size 10 or maybe even smaller. They’re extremely tight, with no wiggle room and the length is much shorter than I expected. Granted I do not lack in the booty department, so I’m certain that somewhat plays into how these shorts fit. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect the size to fit me so poorly.

Since I did love the color and fabric these are a just meh, but I’m hoping that if I size up my feelings will change a bit. TBD!


I love American Eagle, I always have. I have purchased cloths from them since high school and as much as I hate to admit this that makes me a 20+ years loyal customer. I have loved seeing the brand become more inclusive and have models of all sizes, shapes and color. It is one place I know I can always go where the photo on the site looks a lot like me vs. a stick figure model. This fact makes buying shorts for the summer definitely a lot easier.

What doesn’t make shorts shopping with AE easier is the fact that they run small. As a long time consumer I know that when I buy shorts I need to size up 2 sizes from my normal size in order to fit them. This is my least favorite feature of the AE shorts. Besides that, I find that if I size up, they fit relatively well and are flattering.

I like that they have lots of different lengths so you can go as short or as long as you prefer. I personally ordered the Dream Denim Midid Short in light destroy wash. These have a slightly longer inseam to offer more coverage which I like and despite being “low rise” they button above my belly button in my size (14) because I have a short torso. They are very stretchy and body hugging which makes them flattering in my opinion. All in all, I really like them and they will likely be my go to summer shorts. My only complaints are how lame it is to have to size up two sizes and the fact that AE’s larger sizes are almost always sold out very quickly. I still will give them a Honey, YASSS!


My go to summer outfit is denim cut-offs and a tee. The ease and simplicity of this look will never grow old for me! I also love the versatility that denim shorts provide as they can very easily be dressed up or down depending on how you put together the rets of your outfit. As the years have passed and my body has changed I will say that finding that perfect pair of denim shorts that hits all the marks has become more and more difficult.

There have been so many times where my favorite influencers post about their go-to denim shorts and make me fall in love just to ultimately swipe-up to find they are AGOLDE or Levi’s brand which means $$$. I just cant justify spending $150 on a pair of cut offs. Thankfully, there are still some influencers who like to post affordable fashion.

When I saw Amber Lancaster in a pair of super cute vintage inspired denim shorts last summer I instantly assumed that they would be out of my price range and then she hit us with “these are from American Eagle”. Of course I quickly swiped up. They happened to be having a sale so I ordered 3 pairs of shorts in my normal size (12) and excitedly awaited their arrival. That excitement quickly faded when I couldn’t get any of the shorts above my hips.

“Hmmm, that’s weird… Maybe my body had changed a lot more than I originally thought since having my baby 8 months before?” I wondered. I went to the AE store to exchange for a size larger. When I went in the dressing room to make sure the size 14 fit I WAS SHOCKED. Still too small! WTF? So, I went back out and grabbed the next size up- a size16 (a size I have never purchased in my life). They fit. I wasn’t sure how to feel. I was happy to finally find a pair that fit but also felt a surge of loathing my body in that same moment.

I know that the number on your clothes shouldn’t matter and that it’s the way you feel wearing the clothes is what really matters but damn AE. For being a brand that has extended sizes, I also think it’s important to maintain consistency in sizing to other brands as well. I actually ended up going to Target a few days after my AE experience to see if it was me or AE sizing that was weird. My normal size 12 fit just fine so that made me feel slightly better.

With all that being said I did end up purchasing a pair of shorts that day that I wear very often. For this review, I purchased new pair of the High-Waisted Denim Tomgirl Midi Shorts in Medium tinted indigo and made sure to size way up so they would fit. The only thing is with sizing up two sizes, the length is longer than I personally like. That’s an easy fix though- I usually cuff them or in the past have also bravely grabbed some scissors and cut to my desired length.

Overall, I really do like AE shorts for their trendy styles, affordable price point (usually always on sale) and their quality/ durability. Even though, their sizing is totally ridiculous I am still going to give them a Honey yasss. Just please help us spread the word to always size up when shopping bottoms at AE!

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