Like many others, I love online shopping. The convenience is great but I also really appreciate being able to easily make sure that I am getting the best deal on the items I purchase. One of my favorite places to shop for me and my family is Amazon. We have had a Prime membership for a while which makes getting essentials (and many non-essentials of course) so fast and easy. So we thought, it would be fun to share some of our favorite Amazon finds that us Honies have loved recently.

I am here for the layered necklace trend. However, I am not here for the annoyance that accompanies this trend. I’m talking about the tangling, shifting and turning of all the necklaces into one giant mess. Enter the Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp. The clasps come in a set of two (gold and silver finish) and have space for up to three different necklaces or can be worn with less just as easily. I usually wear only two necklaces at a time as I prefer that look but I love the option to add a third if I desire. After you load them up with your desired necklaces, it’s super easy to put on by just undoing the magnetic clasps and then sliding them back together once you have them around your neck. It stays put rather well and I haven’t had any problems with tangling or any of my necklaces turning around (huge pet peeve of mine!). Overall this is a great influencer recommendation that I am happy to say is a Honey, Yasss for me!

My family and I recently went to visit friends out of town. When I was planning what to pack I realized that I wasn’t sure what the mirror situation would be like for getting ready. I hate being that girl who is always hogging the bathroom time so I thought maybe a travel vanity mirror would be a great idea. I had actually just seen one of my fav influencers talking about the Vanity Planet travel mirror and they also happened to be having a promo on it, so a month before my trip I placed my order. Two and a half weeks passed and I hadn’t yet received a shipping notice. Thinking this was odd, I reached out to the company who basically told me that they over sold the item and it was now backordered for several more weeks. What?? Needless to say I was annoyed. I asked what my options were and very bluntly they replied that I could either just wait for mirror (which would arrive weeks after my trip was over) or cancel my order. Not even so much as a sorry or like here’s 10% off your next order or anything. No attempt was made to try and make my experience a bit more pleasant or try to even keep me as a returning customer.

Needless to say, I was definitely rubbed the wrong way by it all, so I canceled my order immediately. Still wanting a vanity mirror for the trip, I turned to my trusty Amazon. There were lots of similar options to the Vanity Planet mirror- and yes even the actual Vanity Planet mirror was sold there- but I DID NOT want to mess with them anymore. (Call me a bitter Betty if you want but I really value great customer service and when I don’t see that in a brand I just prefer to not shop with them anymore.) After looking at many reviews and price ranges, I finally landed on the LUNA London Eclipse LED Lighted Travel Vanity Makeup Mirror. My decision was based on great reviews, affordable price and it’s sleek appearance. I like that the Luna is very slim so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage and comes in a really pretty rose gold color and a little travel sleeve. It has 3 dimmable light settings to simulate a soft warm, neutral white, and natural daylight. It is also rechargeable and the battery life is pretty great. My only complaint is that I wish it had more magnification. This is an easy fix though by separately purchasing a small Magnetic Magnifying Makeup Mirror. Overall, I love this for travel but I also use at home when I need to get ready and watch my baby girl while she is playing out in the living room. This is a Honey, Yasss for sure!

*Side note: I kept my Luna in the original packaging when I traveled with it- product box, included bubble wrap, and carrying sleeve- as to avoid any breakage, which some reviewers mentioned did happen when they didn’t do this. I also did not fly with this mirror as I think that takes a toll on fragile items like this one, so just keep these things in mind if you purchase.

Honies! I never thought I would be so excited to talk about this product but I am so happy to share the Brand Q Portable charger with built-in cables with you all today. I have seen at least 5 influencers mention this specific Amazon portable charger but since I work from home and rarely go out anymore due to Covid, I didn’t think this would be a necessity for me. Then my family and I went on the trip I mentioned previously and I thought now this actually might be something we could all use.

I initially loved this charger because it has all the cords you’ll need built right in which makes things super convenient and is also compatible with all phone types. It’s slim design is great- it’s about the same size as my iPhone 11 (it also came with a really nice protective carrying case). It has a slot for a USB plug too just in case it doesn’t have the cord you need (a super short little USB cable is included in your purchase as well). The device can be charged via the same USB plug or it has AC wall plug which is how I usually charge it. The battery life is great and it also has indicator lights that show how full the device is so you know when to charge it up.

During our trip, I don’t recall me or my husband ever using our iPhone wall chargers at all but instead we both shared the portable one. It was nice to be able to charge without being tied to a wall or being at the beach and not worrying about our phones dying while playing music through them. It was also a life saver for keeping our old tablet charged for our daughter to watch a movie on the long car ride home. Even after our trip, we still use this device almost daily! Some reviews say that the cords fray and break off but we have not had this issue whatsoever. I think the key to avoiding this is to take care of the charger by carrying your phone or not letting it dangle while it’s attached to the cords. Also, be sure to remove the cables out straight from your phone and not at an angle. So, if you are always on the go or even just someone who doesn’t like to be tied to the wall to charge your devices, then this is for you! Totally a Honey, Yasss!


Let’s talk about one of the most popular marketplaces and in my personal opinion the most convenient and stress-free way to shop…Amazon! I purchase from Amazon on a regular basis, with my purchases being a combination of both essentials and what I like to call “Awesome Finds.” Since we’re besties I figured it was only right that I share 3 of my Amazon favs with you Honies.

The first is the Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp, which essentially untangles all your necklace problems. If you’ve been on social media or scrolled through the internet, it’s easy to see that layered necklaces are in. Personally, I’m a big fan of the style, especially when paired with necklaces on the daintier side. However, prior to owning the Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp I found myself not wanting to wear more than one necklace to avoid the tangled mess I would find myself in.

This product completely takes care of those issues. I opted for the three necklaces clasp option because I figured I can still only wear two, but I liked the idea of having an option of three. The pack comes with both a gold and silver necklace clasp, which immediately sold me because I wear both metals. You clip all your desired necklaces onto each side of the thin tube. Once you’re ready to put the necklaces on, you simply separate the tubes apart, as one of the tubes slides into the other with a tiny magnet on the end. I regularly use my necklace clasps and have found that the gold clasp shows slight signs of tarnishing but have not experienced this with the silver one. However, at the $14 price tag for the set and the time and frustration saved this product is still a Honey, Yasss for me.

The next product I wanted to share is the Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender. Throw away your $20+ makeup blender sponges because once you use this sponge you will be hooked. I like to use my beauty sponge when it’s completely dampened all the way through, but dried enough so that it’s not dripping wet. I find that wetting the sponge not only makes it bouncier but allows it to expand and cover more surface area. When applying foundation, I use the larger sides of the sponge because this is the largest section of the sponge and thus the quickest way to get even coverage all over. I also use the sponge to apply concealer but use the pointy tip for this application, making it easier to get in the smaller corners of your undereye.

I’ve been using this sponge for about four months now and am always highly impressed with how even and smooth my makeup turns out. Also, in all this time I’ve never had an issue with it absorbing my makeup like I know some sponges tend to do. I haven’t even mentioned the best part; this little magic blender sells for only 4 bucks! There’s just something about getting a quality product at a good price that obviously makes this another Honey, Yasss!     

The last Amazon product I need you Honies to know about is my Replacement Apple Watch Band. I know there’s so many vendors who sell replacement Apple Watch bands. The rubber bands are fairly easy to come by, but I was on the hunt for a metal band. In my search, I found it was a tad more difficult to find one that checked all the boxes for me: quality, not too masculine and good price. However, I finally found a stainless-steel replacement band and I hope you all love it as much as I do.

A little over a year ago I first purchased the silver band in 38mm (the bands are sold in either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch sizes). I loved that the new replacement band came with a sizing kit, so you can remove as many links, as needed, to fit your wrist perfectly. Also, the company offers that they will send additional links if you contact them, at no additional cost. Although, I did not need this, I still appreciate companies that are inclusive of all needs. The band replacement works like every other Apple Watch band where you press the button underneath the watch and slide the bands in or out. I’ve had no issues with the band moving or sliding out on its own. I do work from home, so I only wear the metal band a couple times during the week, but typically all weekend long.

Up to this point, there are still no signs of fading or tarnishing, which I found impressive. The bands are $20 and so at that price point, I fully expected that within a year’s time I would definitely see some tarnishing, so this has been a pleasant surprise. However, there are some slight signs of wear and tear (scratching) on the underside of the band, but this was to be expected and typically the case with any watch after some time. I loved the band so much that for my birthday this year my husband bought me the gold band, as part of my present. I cannot even begin to tell you how often I get complimented on my watch band when I’m out and about. Who doesn’t love to get a compliment here and here? This, of course, makes this my final product today a definite Honey, Yasss!  


Since the start of quarantine in March my Prime account has been getting lots of extra use. Some from necessity and plenty more from the boredom of being stuck at home without my usual outlets. As with most people I have made some silly purchases, some downright not necessary ones and some that have actually blown me away with their quality and usefulness. Today I wanted to share 3 of my favorite quarantine buys with you!

The first was definitely an influencer motivated purchase of the layering necklace clasp. I am super into the multiple layered necklace look as I am sure so many girls are right now. But I have long hair and I struggle with tangles, necklaces that twist and turn and end up a knotted ugly mess vs. a cute layered look that stays in place. This product is a dream solution with a magnetic clasp that both keeps are layers untangled and in place but also makes it so easy to put on even with long hair that is down.

My other current Amazon favorite is a must have for anyone with curly hair. If you know anything about styling naturally curly you know that a microfiber towel is a must and goes a long way toward eliminating frizz and keeping your hair healthy and thriving. I was using the Diva Curl brand towel but I needed a few backup towels so I went searching on amazon for an extra large one as I have really long hair. I purchased the Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Towel and I am so impressed with the quality. It is extra large (I got the 24 x 42 inch), holds well in my hair after the shower, dries my hair quickly but also preserves my curl and eliminates frizz.

Last but not least, is a rather personal one to talk about but it has been absolutely life changing for me so I had to share with you Honies. Before lock down began, I used to laser away my unwanted hair. As someone from middle eastern background and a girl who struggles with PCOS, I have a lot of unusual hair growth including on my face. When the nationwide shut down began, laser places and most other personal grooming places also closed leaving me to figure out how I was supposed to handle this problem at home. I took a chance and purchased the Nad’s facial wax strips.

I was so surprised that they were super gentle yet so effective. Just be sure to apply to clean, dry skin and use the calming oil wipes immediately after. I actually love them so much and have had such great results that I am opting to continue using them vs. paying the high price of going back to laser. In the past, waxing has caused me to break out but that has not been an issue with the Nad’s at all. The best part is they really have slowed the hair growth as well even faster and with less pain than laser.

All three of these random quarantine buys are a major Honey, YASSS for me!

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