I had actually never heard of the Amaryllis line until my sweet little honest Honies mentioned the line. More specifically, they called out the huge warehouse sale that was going on. The prices were crazy low and I am a sucker for a bargain so I jumped in and ordered several pieces.

The first thing I will say is that shipping was a nightmare and took way too long. Like over a month too long. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting next day Amazon Prime status, but a month just feels crazy these days and makes me think the cloths were shipped over straight from China. And yes, turns out they were all made in China which I am not a fan of as I try to buy American manufactured goods for the most past.

When my package did finally arrive, it was missing an item and I had to email in and get a refund which was also annoying because what if I had missed that. I easily could have since it took so long to arrive I almost forgot what I had ordered. I will say, mostly everything was cute enough but I wouldn’t say anything blew me away.

The quality is comparable to a Forever 21 and is definitely what I would call fast fashion vs. lasting fashion. I think after a few wears and washes they will be done for. The fabrics are definitely cheap and wrinkle very easily. I will say the Honies and I wondered if the poor quality and shipping delays were because we bought from the warehouse sale but I don’t think I will buy full price based on this experience so I guess we’ll never know! For me this is a big fail and a honey, no thanks!


The temperature has been heating up here in Arizona the last few weeks and I have been itching to add to my spring wardrobe. So, when I saw Amaryllis was having a big (super discounted) sale I was excited to hopefully add in a few pieces.

Of course it didn’t take much convincing for my fellow Honies to jump on this sale as well. We each selected a few pieces and when we got to the check out we were hit with a $10 “warehouse shipping fee”. This was surprising since all over the website there were banners for free shipping over $50. We I knew there had to be some sort of catch *strike one*! We all still proceeded despite this unannounced additional charge since we were getting such a bargain on the clothes.

After almost a month, we finally received our items. I would have thought paying shipping would guarantee a quick delivery but I guess not… *strike two*. Of course after all that anticipation built up, I couldn’t wait to tear open that package.

The first piece I pulled out was a cardigan that seemed nice, then the floral blue midi skirt also seemed decent, then I pulled out a few of the tops. Let’s just say these were not great. The shirts appeared very see through and to be made from some cheap material. They just did not look like the photos I remember on the site…

After trying everything on, my initial gut reaction was correct. Most of the pieces were either not flattering, looked cheap or were merely just ok. I did like the cardigan and the blue floral skirt but noticed that even that didn’t have the proper eye and hook closure to make sure the zipper stays up. *strike three*

So, all that to be said, this brand was definitely a let down for me. I’m not 100% sure if this warehouse sale somehow effected the quality of the products? Based off these pieces, I am very confused how so many influencers would have a collaboration line with a brand that’s lacking in quality. I’d like to give Amaryllis the benefit of the doubt here and purchase a regular item (non-warehouse sale) but I’m too scared of a repeat situation. Based on the pieces I received, this brand is just meh bordering on a Honey, no!

**P.S. I did notice the pieces that I liked had a different tag than those I didn’t. The cheap ones had a black Amaryllis tag while the decent pieces had a mauve/ grey color tag. Not sure if this significant or just a coincidence but there definitely a difference in quality between the two.


Honies, if you’re anything like me, I thoroughly enjoy shopping regardless of what it’s for. I also don’t discriminate- both online and in store shopping are equally as fun for me. There’s only one thing that can elevate my shopping experience and that’s of course checking out and knowing I got a good deal. I first heard of Amaryllis after seeing Dani Austin (among a few others) launch their own collaboration of clothing with Amaryllis. Although, I checked out Dani’s clothing collaboration, I didn’t make a purchase. However, when the Honies and I saw the Warehouse Sale ads for Amaryllis we knew it was the best time to shop this brand… Or was it?

Nearly 3 weeks after I placed my order, I finally received a text message that my items were on the way. A few days later I received them in the mail. Obviously, very eager to see all the good stuff I purchased I ripped open the package. I felt like almost immediately my excitement was dropped multiple notches.

Let’s cut to the chase, this brand is a Just Meh for me. Although, some t-shirts were a bit better quality, most of the clothes I received was like cheap retail store quality. If I’m being completely honest, there was two camisole style t-shirts that I felt were even cheaper quality than purchases I’ve made at stores like Forever 21. I purchased two cotton, regular style t-shirts, one short sleeve and one long sleeve, and the quality of those is significantly better than the other camisole style shirts. The cardigan I purchased was okay, as it did fit, but the sleeves were slightly large on me; however, if I had sized down to a Medium I know it would’ve been too small. Finally, the jeans were very surprising to me. I’m usually between a size 10/12 and I had a feeling these items would run small, so I sized up to the 12. Although, the jeans were comfortable and stretchy, the size 12 was huge on me. I do not lack in the butt department, so often if jeans are too large for me around the waist, the jeans manage to stay up; thanks to the booty. These jeans only stayed up on me if I was standing still. The second I started to walk around they were sliding down.

I am thankful we tried this brand at such a discounted price because overall, I am not that impressed, especially if I were paying full price on these items. The only other thought that the Honies and I discussed is if the quality of these clothes was significantly less because it was a Warehouse Sale. Maybe it was; maybe it wasn’t. We’re still not clear. Regardless, if that is the case that’s incredibly disappointing because as a brand you would think you’d want to keep the quality of your clothing to a certain standard and if you can’t do that selling them at such low prices then the Warehouse Sale shouldn’t be offered. I know this is all a very personal opinion, but I hope this helps provide you any insight about my experience, if you were looking into shopping with Amaryllis.

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