This week’s review is a really easy one for me because it has been one of my makeup staples for years. I actually discovered the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray over 7 years ago when I had moved to hot Arizona from the cooler Cali climate to attend ASU. I was so annoyed that I was constantly sweating through my makeup and ruining it as soon as I stepped outside the house. A friend actually told me about the product claiming it was a magic make up preserver. I immediately ran over to Sephora and purchased it.

I was much younger then, in college, constantly going out and was super social. I loved experimenting with makeup and was known for my unique look for sure. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to trying something that might help me not have all that work drip off my face as soon as I stepped out into the heat. Let’s just say it was a match made in heaven; truly makeup love story! The first time I used the product was before a night out at a hot and sweaty club. My mind was blown when I came home later that night and realized my makeup was still intact even despite the heat and sweating while dancing my butt off.

My college days living in the Arizona heat, wild makeup looks and late-night partying may be behind me now, but my love for the All Nighter Setting Spray is not. They actually have a few different formulas now based on what type of finish you are looking for. As an oily skin girl, I happen to love the Ultra Matte finish. Even in the cooler Cali climate and with a more natural makeup look, this setting spray is one that I cannot live without. It gives me the most long lasting, matte finish and just prolongs the life of my makeup on my face. This one is a major Honey, Yasss for me!


So I’m sure many of you love it when your makeup runs, fades, transfers or gets oily looking at the end of the day. Oh, no? Literally no one likes that? You are correct! I love wearing makeup but have always found it difficult to keep it looking great all day long- especially with my oily skin. I often find that my foundation starts slipping off or my eyeliner has made a dark ring around my eyes after a while. While I do always set my face with powder, sometimes that still isn’t enough to last all day. In the last few years I have tried out numerous setting sprays in hopes to find the one that will actually extend the life of my makeup. Some have come close but ultimately fallen short in the end.

I was excited to give the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray a try and see if this would maybe answer my makeup longevity problems. Urban Decay has many options when it comes to their setting sprays- Glow, Pollution Defense, Chill, De-Slick Oil Control, Ultra Matte and All Nighter which seems to be the most popular. I ended up choosing the All Nighter as that is the one that I have seen so many influencers rave about. In retrospect that might not have been the best route for me personally. While I do feel like the All Nighter helps my makeup last slightly longer than without, in all honesty, my drug-store NYX Matte Finish setting spray works just as well but only costs $8. Also, I didn’t find the All Nighter to hold up well for me in regards to preventing oil or shine throughout the day.

I have tried applying it in different ways and even changing how I apply my makeup to see if this would have any impact or maybe help prolong its wear but unfortunately there was no major difference. However, I will continue to use the rest of my bottle since it does somewhat help within the first 2-3 hours after application (not to mention the fact that it was $33 for the 4 oz size). I am considering trying out the smaller travel size of either the Ultra Matte or De-Slick Oil Control setting sprays to see if those might work better for my oily skin combined with the harsh Arizona heat that we have most of the year. Hopefully this information helps you realize that not all influencers have the same skin type as you so you should always take that into account when making your own product selections. Taking all this in account, the All Nighter setting spray is just meh for me.


Makeup serves a different purpose for all of us, but for many it helps enhance our natural beauty. I’m going to guess that many of you are like me and wear makeup regularly or maybe a bit less now with the pandemic. Regardless of how often I wear it, when I put my makeup on I want it to stay put. By the end of the day, I’d rather not look like a racoon with my foundation and shadow faded or rubbed off. Enter the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Now, I’ve used a few different makeup setting sprays in the past and I wasn’t thrilled with any of them. I found that some didn’t dry very well, some literally made no difference with my makeup wear and my biggest turn off- some had terrible scents. Like the majority of these influenced purchases, it took me some time to finally decide to purchase the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, but boy am I glad that I did!

The All Nighter Setting Spray can be set apart from its competition in that each time you use it, it completely sets and makes your makeup application a perfect texture. Although I’m normally more concerned about setting sprays not drying down well enough, I was initially a bit concerned that this one would dry too much and make me feel too matte or dried out. To my surprise, this was not the case at all!

At this point, I have used this setting spray pretty regularly. I use on a range of occasions too- from completely packed/ busy days to more chill beach days. I’ve also noticed that the color of my shadow keeps its intensity at the end of the day versus with other setting sprays I have used in the past. Lastly, and probably the most useful point at this time in the world, I have noticed that wearing this setting spray helps eliminate some of the makeup transfer onto my face mask. While I don’t feel like it completely eliminates the makeup transfer (because honestly makeup really isn’t intended to have a mask worn over it for extended periods of time) this setting spray reduces that effect a lot. For these reasons this product is a win for me and Honey, Yasss!

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