I have been following Katy Hern for years. She was one of the first true fitness influencers on IG and has grown her brand and businesses so far through the years. As an OG follower, I have had a front row seat to her rise and increased reach/ influence. What I love about her and her brand is that it feels so genuine, honest and real. That is why when she started Alani Nu, a nutritional supplementation line, I was very excited to give the products a try. The best part was that she was coming out with a supplement called Balance that was specific to hormonal balancing and female health. Among its many benefits it promised better mood, skin and sleep and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want all that?

I tried Balance when it originally came out but I really lacked consistency and would just take it here and there as I remembered vs on a regular schedule. Fast forward a few years later when I found myself embattled with the fight of my life with PCOS and Endo. My hormones were a MESS and I was feeling awful. My skin was dark and patchy, constantly riddled with breakouts. I was often fatigued and grumpy and frankly not functioning well. After getting my official PCOS and Endo diagnosis I went on a journey to help my body heal and live the best life I possibly could whilst living with what will be my lifelong conditions.

This is the point at which (about 6 months ago) I went back on Balance. Only this time, I set a routine and became much more consistent, making sure I took it daily and at the same time. Now, I will not mislead you and call this product a magical cure because, frankly, nothing will ever cure Endo or PCOS. Also, taking Balance is not the only thing I changed in my life to get relief but I will say that taking Balance paired with moving my body daily (7500+ steps per day and lifting 3X a week) and eating a low inflammatory diet (no soy, no diary, no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol) really had made a huge difference in my life.

My skin that used to struggle with daily breakouts is now clear and glowing, I am generally in a better mood, my cycles (while still painful) have shortened and lightened somewhat, and my sleep is more restful while I also tend to have more energy throughout my day. There are no short cuts to good health but I feel pairing Balance with the right activity level and eating whole foods gives you an edge and gives your body a fighting chance. The entire Alani Nu line and especially Balance gets a huge Honey, YASSS! From this gal!

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