Whether you call ’em leggings, leggins, yoga pants or workout pants, almost every woman on the planet has an opinion on what makes a pair great. They have to be stretchy but not saggy, they must hold you in but not be too constricting, pockets are nice but also maybe shouldn’t be too visible. Jeez, it seems like we’ve given a pretty long wish list to the fashion industry in this regard, huh?

Odds are we all have one thing in common when it comes to leggings though. I’m talking about the countless versions/ brands/ styles that we have all purchased in hopes we find the very best ones for our body type and preferences. I am no exception to this and am always on the look out for the “holy grail” of leggings. I believe that I have come verrrry close to this with the Zella Live in High Waist Leggings. They are fitted with a no-slip waist band, feature figure sculpting technology and keep you cool during a workout. They are also 100% not see through, which is something to celebrate! All this while also maintaining a relatively affordable price tag of $60 per pair. And let me tell you, these are high quality leggings too. Over the past 5 years, I have purchased about 3 pairs that all still look like they are brand new.

Needless to say when the other Honies and I decided to review the Aerie Offline Real Me High Waisted Leggings, I went into it already comparing them to my beloved Zellas. Luckily, Aerie was having a big sale at the time so I thought, “Hey, what do I have to loose?”. I originally ordered the True Black in an XL since I am usually in between a L and XL in bottoms and I did not want these too be too tight and uncomfortable (hello muffin top and camel toe…). This was definitely the wrong call as the XL was huge, baggy and saggy. Thankfully, the sale was still going on so I reordered in size L.

*Side note: All 3 of us recommend sizing down if between sizes.

When I received the new pair I was so excited to throw them on and give them a whirl! By this point, the other girls had already fallen in love and been raving about these leggings. When I first put them on I was a lot more pleased with the overall fit of the smaller size. They were not baggy or saggy like the XL, the length was great for me and my 5’8″ frame and they were soft and stretchy. Awesome! I was totally excited that I had found a great new pair of leggings to add to my rotation! So, I went on with my day which consisted of a lot of “momming”. If you are not familiar with “momming”, this includes (but is not limited to) bending over to pick up my little one every 3 seconds, walks around the block when the baby won’t take her nap, crawling around on the ground playing and just lots and lots of general household chores. Much to my dismay, my day also consisted of pulling up these darn leggings. For some reason they just kept rolling down just at my waist. I’m still not 100% sure why this keeps happening but it’s pretty annoying. However, I decided not to return them and they have now become my laundry day leggings 🙂

For their regular price of $45 these are a Honey, No for me and I would rather spend $15 more to get my Zellas. BUT when they are on sale (usually somewhere in the $20 range) that changes things for me a bit. While these aren’t necessarily my favorite leggings out there, I will admit they are pretty comfy and flattering (when they stay up on me). In my opinion, these should only be purchased when on sale. So if they aren’t, save your $$ girl. At the end of the day, they really did not blow me away or convince me to trade in my Zellas so I have to give these leggings a big ol’ meh.


When it comes to clothing I’m all about fashion, new styles, trends and, of course, feeling confident in what I’m wearing. Although all of these aspects are extremely important to me, the majority of the time I find myself looking for another factor in my clothing: comfort. I work from home (even before the pandemic), so as much as I’d like to wear cute outfits every day of the week, I have to keep it real- I’m in leggings or workout gear at least 3 to 4 days each week. I definitely struggle with this balance of feeling the need to get completely ready every day and embracing the fact that I’m blessed with a job that allows me to work in my comfies all day, if I want to. But that’s a subject for a different day.

The point being, I’m always on the hunt for the best leggings or at least that was my position until I was introduced to the Aerie Offline Real Me High Waisted Leggings (7/8 Length). A big shout out to Daryl-Ann Denner for reinforcing the need for every woman to have these in her closet. I purchased these babies about 2 months ago and they instantly became my new fav.

The material of these leggings is incredibly soft and has such a high-quality feel for only $44.95 regular price. However, I’ve found that since I’ve purchased these a few months ago they always seem to be on some kind of promotion/sale (currently priced at $26.97). I’m also incredibly ecstatic to announce that not only was I able to size down to a Medium (I was in between Medium & Large), but even with sizing down these bad boys 100% pass the squat test with each use. And yes, I’m constantly checking because I still find it so hard to believe that nothing is visible. I also want to remind you Honies that you could consider my body more on the curvy side, so typically my biggest struggle is finding leggings that have no visibility. Last but certainly not least, I’ve washed them countless times and have experienced no snagging or pilling. I definitely recommend turning them inside out when washing to prevent this.

In the past, I’ve tested out expensive, cheap and somewhere in the middle of the road leggings and have never found a legging that is nothing but positives for me. These are my reliable go-to’s from here on out. At this point, I know it’s obvious, but I’ll make it clear; Honey, Yesss! Grab these in every color because I’ll bet you will love them as much as I do. 


I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t love leggings. Honestly, nothing is as comfortable or versatile yet still flattering as leggings are. That is, if you find the right pair! We all know the scenarios; you find a great soft pair then they roll down when you wear them, you find a perfect fit and after one wash they are too tight, you put them on only to realize they are totally see through. So much can go wrong with leggings and many of us girls believe that to get the most flattering fit you have to splurge big on Lulus or Spanx leggings.

As a girl that wears those higher end brands right along with my $8 target leggings, I totally felt qualified to test out and review Aerie’s new Offline Real Me High Waisted Leggings. At first touch they are buttery soft, very similar to the Lulu Lemon Align leggings which they pretty much are a cheaper dupe for. I started with one pair in my usual size (L) and feel in major love with them. They feel like a second skin yet they are very flattering and not see through at all. I do suggest sizing down as I did have a slight issue with my normal size rolling down a bit and not being as snug as I would have liked.

After my initial pair, I kid you not, I have ordered 4 more pairs all in one size smaller (M) and they fit awesome. I have also purchased 2 pairs of the Offline Real Me biker shorts AND 3 of the Offline sports bras too. I guess you can say I am a huge fan of the material and quality of this whole line. Everything I have purchased has been very supportive but also comfortable and not restricting. The perfect combination for active wear. This one is a huge Honey, Yasss for me.

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