Hey there Honey!

We are a group of girls who have honestly been influenced. The Instagram and social media influencers that we all love and adore have fully captured our attention and we are buying anything they are selling… BUT that doesn’t mean you have to! Let us do the leg work and test out what is truly worth flipping out over and what is just a flop.

We promise to share our honest opinions of the items we are reviewing (openly yet respectfully of course). We aim to bring you insight into the functionality, ease of use and overall value from our own unique perspectives. Then, you are able to make a more informed decision on how you’d like to spend your hard-earned money.

We are women just like you with varying body types, complexions, ethnicities, ages, preferences, incomes, wants + needs, etc. Our ultimate goal here, is that you will find something within of each of us that is totally relatable to you. Along the way, we will also be sharing some of our very own obsessions, personal fashion favorites, delicious recipes, beauty tips + tricks and so much more! How else are we supposed to become best-friends, right?

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